When in Nice......Part 1: A snapshot of our first day!

It seems quite a while ago since my last post, but this time I have a lovely excuse.........as I have been on a family holiday to Nice in the South of France! Stopping back in London for a day, I decided to update my blog just in case you might be wondering; what on earth is May up to now.....then off to Slovakia where I will be celebrating three family Birthdays! So here is a quick snapshot of our sunny trip to Nice......and there will be more on my trips to Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Slovakia, to come in my following posts!

Shopping time!

 The famous ice cream place Finocchio with more than 90 types of ice creams!
 Which way?
 Modernity.......with trams and shopping centres.
 Looking back........at the Old Town.

Spot anyone familiar?  ^_~

 Dinner time.

 At the Pomenade de Anglais.
 Sandals sandals!!
The fantasy bubble at the Palace of Justice.
I shall try to catch up with writing about my trip in Nice in a little bit more detail......for the time being please accept my apologies with any slow replies to comments, but I will get round to them as soon as I can. Enjoy the sun wherever you may be, and have a fabulous day! 

Until the next time,
May xx


  1. Those photos are lovely. I envy your trip big time. :-)

  2. Woow this is great stuff, lovely pics and its nice to see you with your family..enjoying a wonderful place..NICE...!Claudine. Xx

  3. Such a lovely town! =)


  4. Wonderful photos, looks like you had marvellous time, its making me dream of warm sun, sitting here in a very very grey England:)

  5. I can't wait to start travelling aswell :)


  6. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone!! Hope those of you in London are safe from the riots and sorry for the late reply....been kept very busy after returning from my travels!
    May xx

  7. Nice blog! I like your motto-live life & love life :D That's what I always try to.


  8. Looks like you had a great time! Nice looks beautiful! I've only seen the train station unfortunately... I have to visit properly! :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    xx Madeline

  9. Nice pics!



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