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Some good old fashioned tunes!

With vintage fashion comes vintage sounds!! A party with great vintage tunes really sets the mood for dancing like you are back in time! The fun of dressing up celebrated by bopping around on the dance floor......something I experienced at the cosy AlleyCats Club in London a while ago. When I saw heightened beehives and siren red lips on vintage gals doing the jive....I was impressed! I liked the black and white movies flickering on the screen and the star wars themed collage frosted within the tables. It might be small and pocket friendly in terms of entrance fee as well as beer with a very relaxed atmosphere, but we had fun the last time we were there. It was certainly inspiring as well as impressive.....after all it is where the Rolling Stones started out! (

Anyway, on the note of good vintage vibes......let me introduce you to one of my favourite 1950s to 1960s vintage Duwop sounds from the talented British group The Overtones......they truly are, all…

~LookS: When it becomes sunny enough for the first Maxi.....

I absolutely adore the Maxi dress to bits and look forward to wearing them every summer! I love the forgiving long length of the Maxi, the feeling of the long fabric rustling in the wind on a sunny day or brushing across the grass, and the sheer elegance that binds me to take every step in a slower motion and with greater appreciation of the world around me. So I thought I would put together a post dedicated to the beloved here is the first Maxi dress I have worn this season; when it became warm and sunny enough to feel Summery in London!

Maxi Dress and belt: Forever 21 (A birthday pressie from my sisters!) Black Jacket: Dorothy Perkins (but from several seasons ago) Shoes: Hush Puppies red wedged sandals Handbag: Primark (a few seasons ago) [Photos by my mountain man J.K.]
Let's hope that the rainy spells in London will soon that more Maxi dresses can be brought out in the sun!! Happy summer everyone!!
Until the next time, May xx

Bikram Yoga.......effective cardio with health benefits or just hype?

Its been a busy two weeks and I feel as though I have absolutely lots to catch up on!! So please do bear with me. Lets start with my first experience of Bikram Yoga two weeks ago!

It was our anniversary and we often choose to do something new and interesting, so I surprised my mountain man with our first Bikram Yoga class at a Bikram Yoga Centre in Balham, London. As a bit of a yoga enthusiast who completed Level 1 of the Sivananda Yoga course in Putney Bridge ( and enjoys doing a bit of yoga at home when I'm less lazy, I am not completely new to yoga. In addition I also enjoy meditation which I practice on a daily basis. So I could be very biased when it comes to Bikram Yoga, but here is what I think!

When we arrived at the Bikram Yoga Centre in Balham, the first thing that hit me instantly was the strong and nauseating smell. It was a strong mixture of damp, sweaty socks and musky wood that really did make me feel unwell. My mountain man sai…