Roaring in the glamorous Flapper girls of course!!

I must admit that the 1920s style is not easy at all to get right! Since I was going to attend a 1920s charity night run by Restless Beings called Echo Ship on the HMS President; a boat permanently docked on the River Thames, I had to do a bit of research to work out what to wear! I found differing dress lengths and styles drifting from the early 20s to the late 20s.....and then there was the hairdo which added to the already puzzled thoughts of what to do or wear. But most interesting of all is how the term 'Flapper' actually came into being through female liberation and the power for women to make choices in life......from smoking to voting, old taboos were being broken. And with it came changes in necklines and dress lengths, as well as the ditching of the tight corsets! Liberation was not only acted was being shown boldly by what women chose to wear!

I was surprised to gain a bit of knowledge in my mere search of a 1920s look, and realised once again that every bit of life we have come to know, from fashion and food to music and theories, were molded by the hands of history. In the take on the 1920s Flapper style was a bit of mix and match from rather iconic things I liked in the 1920s fashion warp. For example, I worked out as much that I needed the picture shown above.........and I liked the wave-like Marcel hair (picture below)............
Then finally something sparkly, sequined, beaded or silver in an Art Deco kind of way......with t-bar Mary Jane like shoes.........and I was lucky enough to find something similar in my existing wardrobe. So I went with a sparkly dress, pearls, an old gold sequined clutch passed down from an aunty and silver tear drop earrings....but as I was running late I didn't really have time to do much on make up or try the highly defined flapper eyes. My darling good friend Bee was stunning in the full regalia of headdress, feather boas, pearls and a vintage tasseled purple dress!
My darling Bee in purple fringe and me in sequins....our 1920s look!

With the singer Cherri Prince.....

My gorgeous Bee!

On board the HMS President...just covering the London OXO Tower!

Cherri Prince performing to a 1920s dressed audience!
Time for bed!

So this is how we ended up on Sunday night! Although we didn't get to dance to some fun 1920s tunes.....but we had great fun dressing up, devoured some yummy cupcakes, enjoyed some singing by Cherri Prince and joined a bit of a good deed with the human rights charity Restless Beings! Alls well ends well!

Until the next time,
May xx


  1. Very cool site. Although not in the vintage scene, have an interest in antiquities and the elegant. I'll be reading and hoping also to get some travel tips.
    Take care,

    P :)

    1. Thank you, that is very kind! :) I have written a few posts on my visits to Sardinia, Slovakia, Egypt and France so far, which you can find by clicking on the 'Travel' label. Also planning to write more posts on my travels in the near future...hope you will find them useful! Have a good weekend!


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