Oh....any birthday is a good excuse for a vintage do!

As some of you might know.....my birthday do this year will have a vintage theme to it! So I have been searching for a vintage look and discovered loads of little gems......from instructional DIY vintage hairdo videos to make up videos...... photos and even films with ideas of what to wear! Perhaps, those of you who are attending my birthday do might be just as overwhelmed with the variety of vintage styles as I have been....but here are a few really iconic ones to share! It might come in useful if like me, you want to DIY your vintage hairdo or find inspiration to decide on a look, and even if you don't do it this time it could come in useful for next time!
Let's start with one of my favourites.....the 1920s to 1930s!! The glam era of Flappers and Art Deco.....sparkling things, fur, pearls and of course.....the wonderful finger or Marcel wave! This video is brilliant to achieve the look, or you could also fake the waves with a curling iron:
My 1930s Marcel Wave Up-do!

OR......a little further down the time line....in the 1940s to the 1950s when the effects of World War 2 meant changes in style as well as materials available for use. It is also a time when the images of saucy Pin Up Girls started being painted on cards and even war planes.....like the celebrity or model of the day, the Pin Up Girls kept looking glamorous an art to be copied by many. There were several Pin Up Girl looks....the photo (below) shows Betty Page with her famous rolled bangs, and the video shows a how to get hairdo for a slightly different Pin Up look:
Betty Page

Finally...last but definitely not least......the 1950s to 1960s iconic look.....the fabulous Beehive!! Really as retro as retro, and ever so chic!! I always think of the lovely Audrey Hepburn when I think of this decade! But do be warned that back-combing is usually required to create the puffy volume for this style (see video)!
Audrey Hepburn

Hope you will have fun doing some vintage styles, and I look forward to celebrating with you all very soon!!

Until Saturday....have a great week and a fabulous evening!
~ May xxxxx

PS: For more posts on hairstyles, click on the 'hair' label below. Sources for the photos I have used here........there's also some good articles if you have time to find out more about these vintage styles:


  1. I love vintage hairstyles, Audrey's beehive must be one of the most loved iconic hairdos ever! :)

    The Cat Hag


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