Make me vintage.......project cupid purse!

As my vintage birthday do is drawing closer, I decided to start a little project! I needed something cute to go with the vintage look I am preparing for my birthday do and I saw this little square handbag on sale in Primark and literally as cheap as chips....well a big portion of chips! So what did I do? I decided to be creative and alter it to match it with my birthday outfit......a surprise which I will reveal in my next post. Not sure if I succeeded but it might give you clues as to which decade my vintage look might be!

So this is how the handbag looks when I bought it. A simple black velvet square handbag with long straps and some gem-like details.

The first thing I did was to shorten the straps by making a round coil on each side of the bag.

Then I sewed it into place, one coil in the front corner and the other coil on the back of the bag.

Next I added some beading work....sewn on by hand......and a bow made out of some black ribbon. I tucked the bow under the gem and secured it. So this is what the finished handbag looks like.....I like to call it the cupid purse!
Not sure if it looks vintage at all, but I had fun working on my humble little project, and hopefully it will go well with my birthday outfit! Plus it really only cost £2.50 and a lovely day's work over the I can't really complain! Have a very happy weekend everyone and I look forward to hearing about your amazing projects!! xxxxx


  1. This is great! love the embellishments.

  2. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Cute purse Miss May; I love what you did with it to style it vintage~y. :D

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~


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