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A walk with the travel bug......remembering Bella Sardinia!

If you ever stumble on to my blog, you will discover that I absolutely adore travelling, fashion and fabulous parties! To me travelling is more than just a holiday in a foreign country; it is the feel of the place, the warmth of the people and the vibrancy of the culture that makes it a beautiful and memorable experience. And if I had to choose my most memorable holiday experience to date, then it would be the magical Italian island of Sardinia in 2008.

Our adventure began after we landed in Alghero, as my mountain man and I rented a car and drove straight down the west coast crossing town after town, stopping at a different beach every day and a new bed and breakfast every night. Along the way we dined in different restaurants and had wine with the locals in different pizzerias. But driving past the ancient mines of Montevicchio and into the iron rich deep red stream of Riu Irvi, the highlight of our visit to Sardinia came in the form of the magnificent golden sand dunes of  Piscina…

Singing along to the beehive...then cupcakes and sunshine with the gorgeous Bee.......Part 2 of my Vintage Birthday and more!!

For the second part to my vintage themed birthday do......a karaoke party on Sunday 15th May with my music loving family.....I decided to attempt a popular 1950s to 1960s vintage hairdo.......the Beehive!! Having looked at several Youtube videos on how to do the Beehive, I decided I wanted an up-do with a Beehive crown on the top. So I sectioned the top part of my hair and tied it in a loop on top of my head, whilst I worked on a French twist for the bottom half. Looking a bit like the traditional Japanese samurai than a mountain man caught a glimpse of me at this point and was so highly amused that he asked excitedly if I was going to my party with 'warrior hair'! When I said 'no', his disappointment was so evident that I could not help but laugh out loud......imagining my one shouldered orange floaty dress with the 'warrior hair'! But instead of the infamous back-combing....which really does confuse and scare me at the same time.....I decide…

My vintage birthday the Bathhouse!

I'm back and one year older!! It's been a busy and fun week.....filled with birthday celebrations, dinner and lunches with family and friends! So much so...that I think the following few posts will still be about birthdays, parties and vintage looks!! So let's get started first with my 'Vintage Opulence and the Golden Birdcage' birthday party on Saturday 14th May 2011 at the Bathhouse (a club in London) what vintage look did I attempt?
I attempted the 1940s Pin Up Girl look!! Drawing inspiration from some photos I found online and Iris' Youtube videos on Pin Up hairstyles, I finally put together a combination hairdo of a victory roll on the side, pin curl on the top and loose curls pinned to the front. I must say I take my hat off to anyone who can do a perfect victory roll, as having tried it for the first time, it really does take a lot of practice and patience to get right!! It took almost an hour and a half to complete my hairdo...and lots of repe…

Make me vintage.......project cupid purse!

As my vintage birthday do is drawing closer, I decided to start a little project! I needed something cute to go with the vintage look I am preparing for my birthday do and I saw this little square handbag on sale in Primark and literally as cheap as chips....well a big portion of chips! So what did I do? I decided to be creative and alter it to match it with my birthday outfit......a surprise which I will reveal in my next post. Not sure if I succeeded but it might give you clues as to which decade my vintage look might be!

So this is how the handbag looks when I bought it. A simple black velvet square handbag with long straps and some gem-like details.

The first thing I did was to shorten the straps by making a round coil on each side of the bag.

Then I sewed it into place, one coil in the front corner and the other coil on the back of the bag.

Next I added some beading work....sewn on by hand......and a bow made out of some black ribbon. I tucked the bow under the gem and secured it…

Oh....any birthday is a good excuse for a vintage do!

As some of you might birthday do this year will have a vintage theme to it! So I have been searching for a vintage look and discovered loads of little gems......from instructional DIY vintage hairdo videos to make up videos...... photos and even films with ideas of what to wear! Perhaps, those of you who are attending my birthday do might be just as overwhelmed with the variety of vintage styles as I have been....but here are a few really iconic ones to share! It might come in useful if like me, you want to DIY your vintage hairdo or find inspiration to decide on a look, and even if you don't do it this time it could come in useful for next time!
Let's start with one of my favourites.....the 1920s to 1930s!! The glam era of Flappers and Art Deco.....sparkling things, fur, pearls and of course.....the wonderful finger or Marcel wave! This video is brilliant to achieve the look, or you could also fake the waves with a curling iron:

OR......a little further down the t…

Roaring in the glamorous Flapper girls of course!!

I must admit that the 1920s style is not easy at all to get right! Since I was going to attend a 1920s charity night run by Restless Beings called Echo Ship on the HMS President; a boat permanently docked on the River Thames, I had to do a bit of research to work out what to wear! I found differing dress lengths and styles drifting from the early 20s to the late 20s.....and then there was the hairdo which added to the already puzzled thoughts of what to do or wear. But most interesting of all is how the term 'Flapper' actually came into being through female liberation and the power for women to make choices in life......from smoking to voting, old taboos were being broken. And with it came changes in necklines and dress lengths, as well as the ditching of the tight corsets! Liberation was not only acted was being shown boldly by what women chose to wear!

I was surprised to gain a bit of knowledge in my mere search of a 1920s look, and realised once again that every…