The manifesto of encouragement?

the manifesto of encouragement (6)

What is powerful in this manifesto of encouragement? The knowledge and though of someone somewhere is carrying out an action that is linked or will affect you, no matter where or who you might be, is truly powerful. No man is a lone island and no man can be. Every single being is part of change and is constantly changing.....for this is the truth and rule of life.

So next time you think of something negative, consider what energy you might be sending out and how your action may affect another being consciously or unconsciously. Consider how a smile can brighten another person's day. Consider how sunshine can lift away dark clouds. Have you ever been that stranger who wanted to make another stranger laugh? Have you ever wanted to share a sunrise with someone you love? Think of the joy of the moment you are giving as a gift to another fellow being in this vast, but small universe. This is why you are choose to live every day with power.


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