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Finally.....a happily ever after ending!!

I can be rather patriotic at times and yesterday was such an occasion. Watching the run up to the Royal Wedding, I felt rather proud of Britain and the monarchy. I was impressed by how well the wedding had been organised, the thousands who flew from across the globe just to camp outside Buckingham Palace and how well British fashion design was showcased at Westminster Abbey....but most of all I was impressed by the poise, spirit and elegance held by the Royal family. A similar feeling to when I was learning about Britain's fight in the second world war, or when the bombings of London happened on the 7th of July just a few years is almost like a sense of glowing pride in knowing that we Brits have the courage and determination to carry on no matter what had happened. Now don't get me was a beautiful Royal Wedding filled with bliss, elegance and hope for the future. It was more the touching realisation that Prince William and, now, Princess Kate, had been…

Part 2.......Becoming Emotionally Fit and 21 Ways to Stay In Love Forever!

Being human with emotions brings good as well as bad to life, but it means that most of us have an innate need to feel appreciated, wanted and important to the other people around us. Interestingly enough, this desire also fuels how we behave or why we do the things we do, and how we choose to see things or how we develop a certain mind set. This is why we need to be emotionally fit, but in many ways it is also why relationships can play such an important role in a person's life.

Here's the next 7 of Brian Tracey's 21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever.......have a read and see what you think:
8. Seek first to understand!
Focus your energy to understand the other person's point of view first before offering your own perspective. When you ask questions and practice reflective listening, you will develop understanding as well as trust. Offering solutions may not actually be the solution, as people often have a deep desire to be heard and better understood.
9. Set reasonable st…

Emotional Leadership.......21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever?

Love is one of those great concepts that can really affect the way a person lives his or her life. It can sell almost any product, because the magic comes from the fact that love can be felt by anyone....however long, brief, wanted or unwanted. Then there is also that highly romantic and infectious belief.....that human relationships is what brings a person happiness and meaning in life. It often is something us mere humans try to search or strive to what is the key ingredients or secret to keeping this magical feeling? Is it possible to be sweetly in love forever?

Recently I was listened to Brian Tracy's "21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever", and I must admit it made me think about my own relationships and what I can to do make it better. So I thought I would share some of the never know what could come in useful! See what you think, here's some of my notes on the first 7 of the 21 ideas:

1. Make a total commitment!
It means a 100% total commitme…

Where for art thou Shoederrella?

Comfortable Shoes - Top Brands & Where to Buy Comfortable Shoes

Finding a pair of beautiful, stylish and comfortable pair of heels is almost as hard as a Prince Charming in need trying to discover his true love Shoederrella! There are several questions to consider it possible to have high heels without the pain, or can style and comfort really go as one, or even where can one find one's perfect fit?
I was shoe shopping with mountain man last weekend....though it was actually for him, I just could not resist trying on some shoes when we were in Clarks. As mountain man walked up and down the aisle trying several pair of shoes that he liked, each pair felt different eventhough they were the same size. So we got the assistant to measure mountain man's feet for size and he came up a size 10H. But he has been wearing size 9 in a slimmer pointy fit, so which one is the right measurement?
The assistant seemed puzzled by mountain man's question when I suddenly remem…

The manifesto of encouragement?

the manifesto of encouragement (6)

What is powerful in this manifesto of encouragement? The knowledge and though of someone somewhere is carrying out an action that is linked or will affect you, no matter where or who you might be, is truly powerful. No man is a lone island and no man can be. Every single being is part of change and is constantly changing.....for this is the truth and rule of life.
So next time you think of something negative, consider what energy you might be sending out and how your action may affect another being consciously or unconsciously. Consider how a smile can brighten another person's day. Consider how sunshine can lift away dark clouds. Have you ever been that stranger who wanted to make another stranger laugh? Have you ever wanted to share a sunrise with someone you love? Think of the joy of the moment you are giving as a gift to another fellow being in this vast, but small universe. This is why you are choose to live every day with powe…

BBC News - Japan tsunami dog rescued after three weeks at sea

BBC News - Japan tsunami dog rescued after three weeks at sea
What an amazing bit of courage by this little dog and the determination for survival is quite inspiring! I seriously don't know if I could cope drifting out at sea for 21 days without food, water or shelter! Not to mention the possible predators under the offers hope after the recent disasters in Japan. Lets hope that more miracles will come for the sake of Japan.

Lose your dream, find your destiny.....

Life is a funny thing. Some people believe that each person has a destiny, whilst others may believe you make your life through dreams.

To me though, destiny and dreams are each an edge of the same double edged sword. It can bring you the feeling of triumph in a battle but yet it can also cut you with sorrow. With the belief in destiny and the hope of a dream, one is still bound and there is no escape within a realm of conflict, challenges and fears.
So where does happiness lie? Is it in the moment of triumph, or in the courage of struggling before success, or the step you have faltered, or the moment you realise who you truly are? Is it in destiny or is it in dreams? Is it when you laugh or is it when you cry?
Each has their own interpretation of happiness. Red might see it as laughing hysterically. Blue might see it as a moment of stillness. Pink might see it as holding hands with the love of her life. Yellow might see it as a sunny day. Purple might see it as roses, cakes and ice cr…