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Thoughts of Sendai.........11th March 2011.

~March 2011~
The recent earthquake in Tokyo and tsunami in Sendai has shocked many including myself to a state of silence. Yes, we are technologically advanced and many more illnesses can be cured in this day and age....but the issues of natural disasters, poverty, hunger, freedom, pollution and climate change remain unsolved.
Shock will be followed by shock and all we seem to be doing is covering immediate holes rather than repairing the whole problem and preventing future damage. We have so much more today, yet resources and help is still limited. I was watching a Red Nose Day programme aimed at raising awareness about the poverty in Africa by sending celebrities to live poverty stricken lives. Every year my family and I try to help Comic Relief and it seems more money is raised every year by the whole nation, but yet poverty remains. This led me to ask the question, "Did they use the money in the right way? Are they just filling in gaps or working on building solutions and preve…