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A love letter on a birthday...

Welcome back darlings. Apologies for the long awaited post, as my laptop broke down and delayed things for a few weeks....still catching up on emails. Rather than catching up on writing my delayed planned posts with photos I still have to recover from an out of action machine, I shall resume with something it was my birthday last weekend! Going ahead with my 'Zen Yoga Vintage Picnic' birthday celebration as well as fundraiser for the British Thyroid Foundation (see why I was fundraising for BTF) in Greenwich Park, we were blessed with a full and glorious day of sunshine. Thinking it would be a rather cloudy day I was not prepared with an SPF protective cream and ended up staying in the warm sunshine till a brightly clear 5pm, only returning home to realise I was sunburnt as red as a tomato but still happy to have spent a beautiful day in the sun with some loving friends doing what I love best. Celebrating another year of life and being me....with more honesty, simplicity and clarity than ever before. Almost like realising and declaring that I am finally the present. The photos will tell you a story of what happened, whilst I shall tell you a story of what my heart is happy to sing at this present moment of my life....with a simple love letter I wrote to myself on my birthday last week. It was inspired by a TED talk I saw on self love by Tracy McMillan, where being in total acceptance of oneself and the determination to be responsible for oneself can be the most important lesson of life to learn. For what can be a better birthday gift than love...  
Doing a bit of 'a go-go' like the 1960s....are we groovy yet?

Grass, yoga and picnic in Greenwich Park!

Batik drawn flower sheer cotton navy Cheongsam with aviator sunglasses....

Dearest future May,

Today is a new beginning. And so is this day of your existence every year...for the simple miracle that you are alive as you, nothing less or nothing more. Don't cease to wonder at the amazement of how the body takes each breath, or how our mind is entwined with the depth of your every breath. This moment and every moment more that you are present in body, mind and soul is beautiful beyond doubt. No matter who we happen to be or think we are, we will each have to walk the long steps of our own path in our unique way. The choices we make, the thoughts we believe and the love we give.....are all part of what is uniquely us as an individual.

You are a dreamer. In the world within your eyes, there is innocence, compassion, integrity, truth and love. It does not mean you do not see the bad or negative, but you choose to allow the good to prevail and conquer. What's beautiful about that? A question you should rather ask, albeit sunshine or rain, as all phenomenon from natural to intentional will not last for eternity. There are no guarantees my dear, except what you choose to hold true within yourself. The essential foundation that somehow makes you certain that you will always be ok, whether riding through a storm or sailing through sunshine. No matter what gets thrown in your way or how others feel they should impose upon you, only you will know what is truly right for you. Have courage to hold true and have wisdom to understand the clarity of your actions are really about you rather than anyone else. It's never the weather, the people or the situation, but it is the truth you choose to see.

With love on your birthday and always,
May x

VIDEO: 'The person you really need to marry' by Tracy McMillan (TED Talk)

So with Zen Yoga, Qipao, Vintage as well as singing and favourite things thrown together with family as well as friends became a beautiful weekend celebration of life and love. I could not have asked for better. (Just in case you might be wondering about the Cheongsam I wore for my birthday celebrations; the purple white floral flared Cheongsam is from a label called Inner Circle, and the navy batik drawn flower Cheongsam is an Ebay find.) I hope you darlings will find the true gift of love in no matter what life choices you make. Here's wishing all you darlings a wonderful weekend...and why not try writing a love letter to yourself this year?

Until the next time,
May xx

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THANK YOU darlings! ♥

Celebrating with my family...karaoke style!


  1. Happy birthday to you!

    (I think my letter would simply be a post it saying, "Well, you haven't muffed up so far, so keep going"...)

  2. Happy Birthday wishes to you my glad you enjoyed yourself xx


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Until the next time,
♥ May xx

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