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Qipao Love: Part 19 ~ 'Cheongsam Tea' with Sakura Haruka in Singapore!

Happy December darlings! And welcome back to Walking in May....after a month away from blogging with travels as well as other changes in life, I am glad to be back. As you might have noticed, a new page on Zen Yoga has been added via the top tabs! As I continue my new journey as a Zen Yoga Instuctor and am starting my own yoga service called The Cat Pose, I would like to share more know-how as well as thoughts about this less well known form of watch this space! Coming back to blogging in the best way with my love for the Qipao (Cheongsam), as I even took to a little dress run on a short 4 days trip to Singapore in November. Those of you darlings following Walking in May's Facebook might have heard about the 'Cheongsam Tea' in Singapore I organised. It was a chance to meet up with other Cheongsam enthusiasts local to Singapore and about 14 people were invited via email whilst the event was made public on Facebook. Sadly with time restrictions, many were unable to make it....nevertheless I still had an absolutely brilliant tea afternoon with lovely Singapore parenting and lifestyle blogger Ai (as well as her family) from Sakura Haruka!

The 'Cheongsam Tea' was held at a cafe called The Dispensary in the stylishly vintage area of Tiong Bahru (Singapore), where most of the buildings are legally protected to remain in their 1930s glory and often visited by film crew as well as the trendy. Being very restricted in time, I was grateful that the cafe happened to be a short walk away from my sister's home but I was almost shy to discover the reaction I gathered from passer bys. Vintage not being very big in Singapore, my massive beehive and Cheongsam really did make me look very out of place even in such a neighbourhood....not about to apologise for what I love or who I am, naturally I discarded my hesitations and tucked into the yummy 'Ice Cream Chocolate Magnum cake'. Price vice it was a slightly expensive cafe for Singapore, but the decor of vintage items and uncovered original features of the Art Deco building somewhat compensated as a little treat. Thanks to Ai with her delightfully cute daughter Lil Pumpkin and husband Dr Dru, we chatted the afternoon away sharing experiences from Cheongsam to vintage, lifestyle, cost of living and even cats! Its was definitely a lovely tea for me and feeling blessed in finding new friends in Singapore, I hope Ai as well as her family had enjoyed it too.  

As I plan to visit Singapore again in March 2015, for a very happy sister is getting married! I hope to plan another Cheongsam please do join me then. Got to dash as I must get dressed in my 1950s Qipao for an appearance on Resonance FM's radio waves this afternoon at 15.30pm (London time); where I shall be talking to Zoe from Lucky Cat about the Qipao. Have a fabulous weekend darlings and don't forget to tune in!

 Until the next time,

May xx

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  1. thanks for inviting us to the tea session! It was really great meeting you in person and getting to know you better :) Have a happy holiday season and congrats once again to your sis and family for her upcoming wedding! I'm looking forward to see posts on that! ;)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. You both looked wonderful! And so lovely for you to have met up and made a friend, that's always such fun. x

  3. You all look amazing! Your cheongsam is gorgeous!

  4. You look marvellous doll, love the look, stunning. Happy to have you back :)) xx

  5. What a busy bee you are, I don't know how you do it and stay looking so glamorous! How pretty you all look in your Qipao, especially little Pumpkin she is adorable! Oh and Congratulations to your sister, how exciting! Have a great week lovey lady xx


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