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'Qipao LoveR' No. 3: Talented Miss October....the sewing Weddiologist Isabel from Singapore!

There are certainly times when I wish I can sew properly and make myself a Qipao or I really do take my hat off to ladies who can sew, especially those who can tailor a beautiful Qipao (Cheongsam) dress. Well, our Miss October of the 'Qipao LoveR' series is certainly one such talented lady....she not only made one Cheongsam, she actually made her own wedding Qipao as well as her mother's Qipao! Meet Isabel from Singapore, who is a Cheongsam aficionado, Japanese speaker and talented seamstress (just take a look at every single one of those Cheongsam dresses she made and you will know what I mean). Besides wanting to expand her interest in fashion designing creatively, her dream was to make all the crucial dresses in her own wedding, which included her bridal Qipao as well as her mother's and bridesmaids' dresses. Though making dresses is not her full time job, she would like to be able to teach others to sew one day and often take on sewing projects to do in her spare time. She has helped a few brides and bridesmaids along the way by making dresses for their special day; in fact she did such lovely work that her husband decided to help her on the quest of fulfilling a Weddiology dream! Want to know what it is all about? Yes, you might have guessed the theme, and if you are in need of some wedding decor or even to make your wedding Qipao, do head on over to the website her husband has setup to look at more of Isabel's work; Weddiology.

Isabel on her wedding the stunning bridal Qipao she made herself!

Close-up:The intricate detail of lace, collar and bare back in her wedding Qipao....

Mother and daughter on the wedding day....Isabel made her mother's black lace Qipao too!
So what are Isabel's thoughts about the Cheongsam (Qipao)....I asked her a few questions to find out:

1. What do you love about the Qipao or Cheongsam?
"I love it that it carries so much history and stories with it, especially the passed down ones. It's as if each piece of cheongsam carries with it its own story of creation. I believe no one really tailors a cheongsam for no specific purpose (a sad fact that no one really wears cheongsam as a daily wear now and you can't buy it off the shelf easily nowadays!), could be for an occasion or a one but only the wearer knows. I often get glances and questions when I wore my cheongsams on normal days (other than Chinese New Year),  it's quite an interesting sight to see raised eyebrows whenever I wore it, especially those with a quirky print!"

2. Whys did you start collecting or wearing the Cheongsam (Qipao)?
"I started collecting them ever since I started dressmaking. I've always wanted one but couldn't find one that doesn't look chinese-restaurant-waitress looking, and the right fit (as I have a shorter torso). It's after I started dressmaking that I realized I actually can use so many different kinds of fabric and design for a cheongsam. I like to mix fabrics or find unique prints for my cheongsams so it looks totally ME and tells others something about me. Since then, I've been sewing at least 1 every year for Chinese New Year or weddings.  The proudest moment for me would be when I sewed my own cheongsam for my wedding day, it took me a month to sew and many months of researching to find the perfect fabric and drafting, but I've never felt prouder when I finally got to display it on my wedding day!"

3. What would you like to tell others about wearing the Qipao (Cheongsam)?
"In modern days where no one really wears it, I believe just the decision to wear it already makes a statement and tells something about the wearer. Many people actually fears its body hugging nature and so rejected the idea of wearing it, but frankly speaking; I've never seen anyone looking disastrous wearing it. I sewed one for my mum for my wedding day and she look really elegant in it even though she did not have a slim silhouette. My dressmaking teacher also used to tell me that a good cheongsam complements your body shape instead of making you look worse and I believe so. Yes it may reveal that we do not possess a perfect figure, but it shows that we embrace our imperfection, elegantly! If you're someone who would love to look elegant and glamorous on some days and wearing a gown is just too overdressed in your daily environment, a cheongsam will fit the bill!"

One that represents Isabel's passion...its all about sewing!

Mixing the modern waist and shoulder ruching with conventional wiggle Cheongsam pretty patter detaiils! 

Another favourite...according to Isabel the crane print on the shoulder and waist is absolutely magical for your figure! (Tip)
We simply cannot say it enough, the right Qipao or Cheongsam dress really does complement your figure! Isabel was actually nominated by the first 'Qipao LoveR' of the series Tiffany, if you darlings know a fabulous Cheongsam loving lady that should be celebrated do drop me a line! Of course for all you Qipao (Cheongsam) admirers and enthusiasts there is the 'Qipao Love' Community, so do join us there. On a personal note, it is getting rather exciting planning my Zen Yoga lessons and starting to create the website. Lots more exciting posts to come, from travel to books, hold on tight and have a fabulous weekend darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. wow those are so fabulous, i love the contrast of traditional cut and modern prints. really amazing that is one talented lady!

  2. These are stunning, I loved the modern cut one with the pearl like button gorgeous. She is a beauty, love the pictures, talented and amazing woman :) xx

  3. Wow, her wedding qipao is just incredible! What a beautiful blend of tradition, personality, and elegance!

  4. Agree they are very beautiful and she is an amazing woman! I did not know what a qipao was before reading this. Like the collars and shoulder details, they are stylish, feminine, and elegant.


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