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Qipao LoveR No.2: Our lovely Miss September is....Ai from Singapore!

One of the aspects that I love about the Qipao (Cheongsam) is her individuality; an ability to tell others something specific about the wearer....almost like a weave of intricate clues about a life, a heritage, a personal style or even a message. I find this true within myself and have read such thoughts from a modern tech conscious jazzy concrete world that requires a rush of pace to keep up, it is often easy to forget momentarily who you are, what your life is about or what you truly want in your future steps. You can say it is a loss sense of self and identity, or you could claim it to be just being too busy, but when it does happen I often find it useful to look inwards to have a quick thought-like conversation with myself to recapture a sense of what I am about. In a different form, this is also a function the Qipao can play....a reminder, a love, a hope and an individuality. Like Qipao Lover No.2 and Miss September of this monthly series....the fabulously well known Singapore blogger Ai Sakura from Sakura Haruka....if I should ever have a daughter I would like my Qipao dresses to be passed on as an heirloom of love as well as life. Ai is a wonderful lady who has not only embraced motherhood in love and passion, but she is a positive inspiration that the modern mummy can also embrace her own individuality and not lose her sense of self. After all, without knowing who we are as a person how can we guide our next generation towards a better tomorrow? Take a look at what this inspirational Cheongsam lover has to say.....

"Cheongsams remind me of a nostalgic time of classic elegance and quiet glamour, where life seems much simpler. It is feminine without being too sexy, and graceful without being too ostentatious.

I started wearing cheongsams more when I was living overseas. Being in foreign lands made me feel the need to be more in touch with my cultural roots and identity, and I felt that I could express it more when I wore Cheongsams. When I came back to Singapore and became more interested to find out more about our local heritage, my love for Cheongsams grew even stronger. It was also easier to find Cheongsams back here in Singapore!

It saddens me to know that Singapore is changing so rapidly, and a lot of our heritage building and culture may not be here when my daughter grows up. Although I like a lot of kawaii things, I usually prefer my cheongsams to be timeless or even reflective of our local heritage. Just like some of my jewelry, I’d like to keep and pass on my cheongsams to my daughter, to be able to share the memories of the places I went and the people I met while wearing them with her.

A lot of people have the misconception that you have to be skinny to wear a Cheongsam as it is usually fitting. However, the best part about wearing a Cheongsam is that it shows off a woman’s curves beautifully. It doesn’t matter if you are not model-material; be happy with your body and wear the Cheongsam with pride. There are a lot of modern Cheongsams around now that make it much easier for daily wear and everyday occasions so give these a go if the classic cut is too daunting."

So do pop on over to Ai's wonderful parenting and lifestyle blog to find some daily inspiration, she is also featured on the Lark and Peony blog this week! Do drop me a name of other Qipao lovers if you happen to know some, the world is too small not to share some beauty and individuality...celebrate your love my darlings. I have been starting to leaf through a textiles book and doing a bit of walking to practice for the 'Shine Walk' for Cancer Research at the end of this month, so there is still time for donations and bids for the Cheongsam I shall be wearing on the night (more here). Also a big big big THANK YOU to all the kind souls who have donated to help me reach my fundraising target, both myself and W-N has been touched by your absolute generousity. Heading to the Collectif 100 Dresses event tomorrow evening and looking forward to it. Here's to a fabulously wonderful weekend darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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