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Giveaway: Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary...and a 1920s inspired GIVEAWAY!

Happy Blog-a-versary my is actually Walking In May's third Blog Anniversary today! I have never really been technologically savvy, but a few years ago a holiday in Egypt made me want to write about my experience in a diary-like ranting manner and share it with I began my very first post on 'Walking In May' without thought as to how I would continue blogging. [Catch up on Walking In May's very first post 'A rendevouz with the Egyptian sun'here] Before the series title of 'Travel-Bug Tales' was actually created and still blogging sporadically in a rare monthly basis, I only knew Walking In May would somehow evolve through my varied interests. Thankfully by my third post in early 2011 on why I love the Qipao [here], which is still one of my most viewed top posts....I suddenly discovered the direction my blog would follow, a tone to my own voice and so haven't looked back since. What a journey it has been!

From sharing my love of vintage styles, the Qipao and travels to a focus of life at a time of need whilst I was ill and undergoing blog became an important part of me and allowed me to reach out to the many wonderful people across the globe. Realising the support you darling readers have sincerely cared to show, and receiving encouragement from my friends as well as family, has been something so priceless that there is simply no words to show how grateful I feel. I guess what I am trying to simply say is....Thank You my darling readers, friends and family for continuing to support Walking In May!

The GIVEAWAY 1920s inspired prizes....a beautiful hardcover copy of 'The Great Gatsby', a Dapper gentleman's travelling comb and a lovely cloisonné vintage metal comb!

As a little gesture of gratitude I have put together a 1920s inspired GIVEAWAY.....that includes one beautiful brand new blue hardback copy of 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott. Fitzgerald, one cute Dapper gentleman's foldable travelling comb by Marks & Spenser and one vintage cloisonné metal comb (age unknown) I found at a vintage fair some time ago. The Great Gatsby being one of the most well known literary works of the 1920s glamorous jazz age matches the pretty oriental themed vintage cloisonné comb that will complete any elegant outfit inspired by the era....and should you darlings be accompanied by a special gentleman, well then the Dapper comb will make a cute present (but of course all Dapper gentlemen are very welcome to enter the giveaway too, as I am sure the cloisonné comb will make a sweet gift to the lady of your heart's desire). 

So how to enter the GIVEAWAY I hear you's the rules:
  1. Follow 'Walking In May' either through the Facebook Page  or Google+ Page or BlogLovin
  2. Then leave a comment (with your email address) at the end of this post, or email [may(at)walkinginmay(dot)com] to tell me how you have entered the a new follower or existing reader. 
  3. The closing date for entries will be on Christmas Day; 25th December 2013. 
  4. A winner shall be pulled out of a hat shortly after that and announced though a blog post on Walking In May.
  5. The GIVEAWAY is open to UK as well as international readers.
Good Luck my darling readers...and please do spread the word! If you happen to be going to the Mid Century Christmas Market in Hammersmith (London) for a vintage hunt tomorrow, please do say 'Hello' and I look forward to seeing everyone. Have a fabulous weekend my darlings!

Until the next time,

May xx

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THANK YOU so so much! ♥


  1. Joyful congratulations of three exciting, beautiful, action packed years of blogging! I've had the great pleasure of following your blog for much of that time and have never failed to be educated, inspired, and/or delighted by each and every one of your engaging, terrific posts. Here's to the next three years and beyond, dear gal!!!

    ♥ Jessica (chronicallyvintage[at]gmail[.]com)

    *PS* I follow you on Facebook and have just added you on Google+.

  2. Ohhhh such lovely prizes. Thank, you! :)
    I follow GFC and bloglovin

  3. This is really sweet :)) Thank you for visiting me doll & for following too :)) I have followed you back on GFC and Bloglovin as well :)) And I shall enter as well, my email is:

    I hope you have a marvellous new week :)))

    Kizzy xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  4. P.S. I also just followed you on Facebook with my personal page, so it would count in your numbers. xx (name: Timbarika Von Doll)

  5. Hi dear =) Nice blog
    Would you like to follow each other ?

  6. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I'll be celebrating my 1 year next month. :) I already follow you on Facebook, but I've also added you on Google+ (I just started figuring that one out..LOL).

    Hellcat Vintage

  7. Happy Blog-Anniversary!!!
    I just have discovered your blog and love it! ♥
    The Giveaway is so lovely :)
    I follow you on facebook (as Danni Berns) and with GFC (as Miss Twinkle)

  8. Congrats on your blog-iversary! :)
    This is an awesome giveaway.
    I follow via GFC (see name commented with)


  9. Thank you so much for entering my dears. And finally...the winner of the Giveaway is.....Kizzy from the Dainty Dolls House! Shall be in touch very soon,
    May x


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