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Travel-Bug Tales: The Berlin bear trail...Part One!

"Kiss me bear?" she asked, as one does when following the Berlin bear trail....
Welcome back my lovely darlings! It has been a challenging time for me with some bad news clouding over life for a little while, wringing inspiration dry and short...but uncertainty or not the blogging must go on! Lets hope that I won't drone on in gloom, and I shall try to keep it sweetly proportioned. You darlings might have heard me mention a four days trip to Berlin a few weeks ago....and seeing as the recent London sunshine may have cast on dreams of a summer holiday or travelling to some far away adventure, it seems a rather befitting post to help lift some cloudy mood. This was the very first time I have ever visited Germany for a holiday, and being adventurous in just setting aside a few things on to the 'must-do' list; in order to let the turn of fancy dictate where we shall follow on the subsequently attained tourist was an intended leisurely trip. But from the point we touched ground in Berlin I began to realise the trip will somehow take on a life of its own and I could be pleasantly surprised. Somehow arriving in Charlottenburg Station rather than Zoologischer Garten on a sunny early July day, my friend Winney and I decided to seek out food for some late breakfast. Swerving off the main shopping high street of Charlottenburg, we found a little deli with couples sitting out in the morning sun holding a coffee and platter to share between them. Now...we may not have been a couple but the sweet and savory platter of fruits, ham, jam, cheese and bread did look too appealing to resist...after all, we should only choose to try what the locals were having to experience a true Berliner's breakfast. As they say; when in Berlin do as the Berliners do....but of course I won't be me if I did not have a pot of tea instead!

Arriving at the main station, we were met by this cute model train set....that actually had a moving train!

Day 1: The Berliner's sweet and savory breakfast!

Our room as the Berlin Savoy in Zoogarten....

Roaming the concrete streets of Berlin....

Attention.....May had landed in Berlin!

Interesting ways to decorate a building?
The area we stayed in was ideal because of its central location and closeness to the many vibrant shopping streets as well as the Berlin Zoo. Plus I really loved the 1920s Art Deco feel to the Berlin Savoy! (More on that to follow in subsequent posts.) In terms of transportation, the Zoologischer Garten Station offered a rail as well as metro line, two Currywust options as well as other fast food hubs, and buses that went through brilliant tourist routes. In fact we spent a whole few hours roaming to find a Currywust lunch, only to discover several options near the Zoo Garten Station after deciding to travel elsewhere for food....but we were rewarded for our search! Giving in to the fast food crave I ordered a Currywust meal with fries for myself and a healthier poached sausage meal with potato salad for Winney, but having to wait for the fries we were surprised to be rewarded with two portions of fries rather than the mere one we ordered a few minutes later! Free fries on our first day in Berlin was a nice welcome that we could not really complain, and so we kindly thanked the man before munching on the filling fare. Then I would really recommend spending an hour catching the number 100 or 200 bus to see the sights that Berlin has to offer, and if you happen to get the well packaged Berlin Card there is definitely the option to hop on and off buses as well as metro or rail trains. The area between Charlottenburg and Zoo Garten will also offer long streets full of Asian restaurants as well as Asian supermarkets or Orient themed bric-a-brac shops...just seemingly missing the famous globalised Chinatown gates.
Our first taste of the German fast food....the Currywust! 

A special sausage stall at the local fair.....

The little food fair we discovered in Berlin....

When in Berlin, sit on the lap of a blue bear.....
What was I wearing?
Dress: Old Morgan mini black and white floral shift I inherited in the 1990s (Possibly Vintage)
Sandals: Clarks
Bag: Red floral fabric tote (Gift from Taiwan)

I wonder who left a shoe hanging in front of the Siegessauie Grober Stern?

Imitating the needle of the Fernsehturm..... mythical transportation!

Catch a bus in front of the Berliner Dom...near all the Museums!

Cultural and historical advertising for the Jewish Museum....1930s onwards.

Passing UNESCO listed Museum Island (DDR) by night......Berlin.
After we did a mixture of walking and buses to see some nearby sights...offering a few little discoveries. I must admit I am not a big fan of Berlin as I did find the many concrete and glass giants a little lacking...though I understood the difficult history Berlin endured during WW2, I could not help but begin to crave that historical mix of elegant architecture found in cities such as London or Vienna. (Note: It is of course a personal a where I would likely live if I ever moved kind of way....and in no way meant to offend or feign ignorance.) Though one thing I did find really cute about Berlin was the many different bear statues dotted across the capital, creating a bear trail for us to follow and collect. My favourite of course was the sky blue bear...hence the kiss...and we did go back to explore the 'must-do' UNESCO listed Museum Island on a different day which I shall tell you about later. For now...I shall wish you lovely darlings a fabulous and sunny week ahead!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. oh darling how amazing you have been in berlin!!! i love berlin, i have been there two times and there is every time something new to see. its all a big adventure to go to berlin;)
    lots of love and kisses,mary

  2. Berlin is one of my favorite cities to visit, such good food, museums and shopping! Your accommodation looks absolutely fabulous and I am drooling over all of the food :P

  3. what a tremendous experience May!!! i've never been to Berlin but always dreamed to get there one day. your photos are so awesome, you've really given me an insight into the radness of that city! i sure do wish you well with whatever cloud formations have rolled into your world. your space always gives me a positive hit of goodness so i hope that the same thing infuses into your life soon too. ♥


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