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The Queen's Coronation....a 50s royal dress love affair!

Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 - Source: BBC 

One of the things I love about London during the summer is that events of different sorts spring up across the green park spaces of the city, often driving a buzzing frenzy of people in florals or vibrant colours...almost like a holiday without being on holiday or a mini-mini break. (Eventhough I must confess that I have recently returned from a very sunny four days break in Berlin which has kept my mind on holidays...more to come on that...which is why my weekly posting schedule has been delayed. Apologies my darling readers!) It seems this summer is especially vibrant with Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebrating 60 years of her reign since her coronation in 1953...and the thankfully recent sunny weather we have been having! [To find out more about the Queen's coronation, please click on the link:] I must say 60 whole years is no easy feat in any job, let alone one that never stops throughout the 24 hours clock and lasts almost a lifetime....needless to say I do think the Queen is one very impressive lady. I am utterly biased of course as I just love the Queen...she is easily the most positively glamorous eighty something year old that still makes me go 'wow' and always feel proud to stand for during the national anthem. So let's travel back to 1953 with this gem revealing Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's coronation from dedicated preparation to the grand the documentary 'Long to Reign Over Us' (video below): [Video Link]

The Sylvia

Monica, Audrey, and Kay
If you happen to have missed the Coronation Festival last week at Buckingham Palace, you might still be able to get a glimpse of fashion during the coronation through John Lewis' Oxford Street shop window where an array of dresses originally sold in 1953 have been recreated from their archive in celebration of the Coronation Festival (including the ones above)....personally my favourites are the Slyvia and the Audrey. Alternatively if you darlings happen to be in London this weekend, then why not take a peek into Buckingham Palace for this momentous exhibition on 'The Queen's Coronation 1953'? The special exhibition running from 27th July to 29th September 2013 will allow a glimpse into the stunning dresses and robes of the Queen's there's another London Hot-Spot recommendations for you lovely darlings! [For more information on 'The Queen's Coronation 1953' exhibition, please click on the link:] Besides searching for a new drop-in beginner's ballet class to fill the gap of the summer, and also more to come on my end of year performance....another the lovely bit of news I can share is my very first 'Liebster Award' from the very sweet Deborah at Hellcat Vintage! With work and travel spinning away on time, there is much I have to catch up with in terms of replying to comments and blog posts....but rest assured that the Award accepting posts is definitely on my to-do list. Have a fabulously sunny week my darling readers!

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The Queen at the Coronation Festival in Buckingham Palace (July 2013) - Source: Guardian 


  1. Oooh, sometimes I think the universe messed up - I swear, much as I love Canada and am grateful to be Canadian, it so often feels like I was meant to live in the UK! There's so much history, life, art, culture, and vintage-ness to be hard the whole country over, especially in London. Perhaps one day I'll win the lottery and can get a vacation home in the UK. I could spend the long Canadian winters there going to events like this and shopping for vintage, all the while escaping the snow storms and -40 temps back on the other side of the pond! Yep, it sounds like a plan indeed! :)

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I had no idea there were still so many wonderful events going on for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - all of that combined with the sunny weather must be making for the most wonderful summer in London! And I must say, the idea of dresses from 1953 being recreated for the occasion sounds just wonderful to me... they're not selling them, are they? If they are, I'll need to get my hands on one!


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