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Rolling, rolling, a fabulous GIVEAWAY!

After some hours watching me roll, BouBou decied to nap!
As promised my lovely darlings…here is my victory roll hair style inspired by Belinda Hay of the Painted Lady in London’s Shoreditch, and a special little announcement for you lovely darlings…Walking In May is having a very first GIVEAWAY! Thanks to Belinda who very kindly suggested giving away a SIGNED copy of her vintage hair styling book ‘Style Me Vintage’ to my lovely readers…so Belinda will be offering the book and I shall cover the postage. As I wanted to try out some of the styles from the book and give you a little feedback on it…the giveaway tied in nicely indeed!

Firstly the key words to this post is probably; roll, roll and roll! Having only ever done my side victory rolls on several occasions and being more used to pin-curls…I took almost 3 days of practice to get my newly inspired victory roll style to look half decent…which was with help in the form of advise from Belinda during the in-salon style session and the detailed instructions in her ‘Style Me Vintage’ book. Those of you darlings who are yet to go pro on victory rolls will probably understand what I am banging on about, as they can be rather tricky between rolling neatly, fidgeting fingers and balancing hair out. For me the challenges of where to position the victory roll and how not to make the roll look outrageously too big or out of proportion is key…which is one of the reasons why I haven't attempted a 40s victory roll look so much...thus Belinda’s tips came in quite useful and I decided to adapt the second style she showed me with the 1940s victory roll style in her book. [Catch up on my previous post...where I met Belinda at the Painted Lady here:]
My outrageous side victory rolls!

All rolled a wonky sort of way...unfortunately not looking identical to the book!

The inspiration from Belinda's it was meant to be...sort-of! 

Setting to the task at hand with less thought than should have been, my attempt to complete the style fell short of the hoped result…because I found the reality of rolling up waist length hair at the back of my head more difficult and tiring than expected. The step-by-step instructions and photos in the book were very clear, so I could follow all the steps in delight…but the tricky bit appeared in how to get each back roll to finish to the same size so that it appears like a long big roll across the back. I suppose it is a technical issue of needing more practice to get used to rolling from the back, and learning a way to even out the size or height of the rolls myself, so not a fault of the book at all. Perhaps more tips on how to roll from the back of the head, or helpful hints on achieving even sized rolls would be very useful in the book, as it is probably more a book for new admirers of vintage hairstyles…or for fans who have a little experience of certain styles but would like to pick up on other vintage styles too like me. Nevertheless, ‘Style Me Vintage’ is a great resource to have in order to lay the foundation of many vintage styles...and got me quite excited in wanting to practice several other styles besides the victory rolls...including a few exciting variations of my beloved Beehive and a different method to perfect my finger waving technique!
Can you spot a curious BouBou looking up at me?

Close up of the navy blue Batik floral print...

Blowing kisses to my BouBou! ^_~

And as you can probably tell...after a days worth of rolling I decided to get a little dolled up with my navy blue Batik Qipao (Cheongsam) and Fiorelli 'Like A Prayer' leopard print grab bag to have fun taking some photos in my not so glamorous room...please do forgive the messy conditions as I had just had a Qipao handwashing day! I tend to handwash my Qipao dresses in smaller batches as they need to be hung-dry and aired indoors. [To find out How-To wash, clean, choose and wear your very own Qipao or Cheongsam, please click on this link:] But I decided to unroll the wonky back and curled it lightly with a curling tong...which you can probably see in one of the photos below...also me doing all sorts of silliness with an unimpressed BouBou! 
[To catch up with the 'Qipao Love: All About Qipao' series, please click here:]

Without further ado…here is the rules for the GIVEAWAY:
  1. To enter the GIVEAWAY, either follow Walking In May on Facebook (here) or Bloglovin (here) and leave a comment with your contact details (or email it to: may[at]walkinginmay[dot]com) on this post to let me know you have entered!
  2. The prize for the GIVEAWAY is one SIGNED copy of ‘Style Me Vintage’ (Hair) by Belinda Hay!
  3. The GIVEAWAY is open to existing followers and those new to Walking In May…international or local (UK)!
  4. The deadline for entering the GIVEAWAY is on 10th April 2013 and the winner will be chosen (out of a hat)…then announced in the following post!  

After the back rolls were taken out!

Good Luck my lovely darlings...and thank you so much for entering the GIVEAWAY! Have an absolutely fabulous week!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Hi, May - Beautiful, as always. Just returned from a quick trip home, so am playing catch-up on my reading. LOVE the retro hairstyles - you're a brave girl to attempt the rolls with that much hair! THE BLUE QIPAO ROCKS!!! Dropped by facebook for the Giveaway, so I can follow you there, too...Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  2. Hi! I agree with the above comment! You are awesome and super brave to attempt rolls with such beautiful long hair!! You're arms must have been so tired after! Thanks for letting me know about your blog over on my blog! You are adorable!!! I signed up on bloglovin' so I won't miss a post! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  3. Victory rolls suit you so well!!! I've tried them before and feel like they don't suit my face shape, which sucks because I think they look so pretty. I LOVE this Qipao, gosh you have so many beautiful ones!!!!
    Oh and I'm following you on FB now :) Such an awesome giveaway!

  4. Oh May you are stunning! I love your Victory rolls they really do suit you, and your Batik Qipao is just beautiful...awaah Bou Bou is so cuuuute, I love the way he is snuggled up snoozing on your bed he looks so cozy! Have a super weekend my lovely! xx

  5. First of all I just LOVE your blog! So glad we found each other :) I'm now a new GFC follower and following you on facebook. Happy Friday :) xo

  6. oh yes i love those victory rolls too and i think they turned out quite good darling! i know by trying it by myself it is really not easy to do them but i will keep on practicing! and i so love that book, already bought it last year ;)

  7. This giveaway is priceless and to own a signed copy makes it even more special and one & ONLY!
    Followed u on gfc since we met.
    Bloglovin followed now.
    Email :

    And that victory roll, 3 days to make it perfect? ALL WORTH IT!!!!


  8. Very cool giveaway! I would love to give this a try, but have no idea where to start!

    I'm following you on Bloglovin!


  9. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know :)

    Gladly following you on Bloglovin'!

    xx Aliya

  10. Hello May. I love your gorgeous long hair, you are very talented to be able to get all that hair into such a great updo style.
    I'm following you on FaceBook.

    Hellcat Vintage

  11. Hello, and thank you for your comment on my blog! :) I have waist long hair too, so I know how difficult it can be to roll it all up! The victory rolls in the front I can do pretty well now, but for my back hair I usually use a hair-rat to roll it up on. Makes it a lot easier! :) xox

  12. Thank you so so much my darlings....for your very kind words and support! You are all so so lovely! I am so glad you liked the post as well as the Giveaway. And a warm welcome to our new friends too! Have a fabulous day my darlings and please do continue to stop by!
    May xx


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