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Travel-Bug Tales: A slice of sleepy pie.....recharging with spirituality within the dreamy hills of Seattle!

Happy Friday my darlings! Before you begin reading this post.....I must warn you that it might not be a light-hearted and suited-to-all kind of post....but rather a little reflective piece exploring some provoking thoughts and perhaps some ideas which are honestly bare. Personally, I often feel that there is a lot of taboo in the notion of death, and the fact that every single one of us will die one day.....fact, and not a figment of the depressive mind at all.....does not mean we stop living in kindness and wisdom. Perhaps there is no evil in death if one has lived a truly meaningful life that is full of goodness and it possible for a living being to be good and kind in every choice, word, thought and action that he or she carries out to the world? It is about living with the awareness that nothing is truly permanent, as change is always possible in life, remembering what you choose to do will always bear the fruits of consequence to not only yourself and so it is important to truly cherish every present moment. No, I am not making any claims of sainthood.....I have not lost the plot nor am I wallowing in negativity and sadness caused by some incident.....just in case you might be wondering why I am suddenly writing about a rather serious issue of life. But yes, there is a point to all my ramblings in this post....which has been inspired by my little pilgrimage with my family in the Rainbow Monastery within the forests of the Seattle's hills and was part of my America trip! Some venture on a pilgrimage to clear their minds, find themselves or pray for something......for us it was a moment to cleanse our souls, be thankful for what we have and wish for a good year ahead. Just roaming through the forest to pay homage to the different shrines, I was reminded how comparatively insignificant we humans are beside the great tall trees, why seeing a rainbow denotes a blessing of hope and the feeling of freshness flowing through my lungs as I walked up the hill......the simplicity of contentment in the needlessly complicated life. As a Buddhist, my faith teaches me that death is an inevitable truth that one has to face as long as one is living, which is one lives one's life becomes the most important truth of all. How do you or would you want to live? What choices have you made?

Ready to roam the spiritual forest!
Coat: Topshop Mac (past season)
Trousers: ASOS Pink Chinos
Scarf: H&M
Top: Floral Cami from Primark (with buttons I added to the front)
Bag: Nine West Pink Faux Croc Cross-body Bag
Shoes: Clarks Blue Suede Pumps (past season)

On the path through innocence, we somehow forgot.......

......that there is more to what we see and know...... there will always be something greater that we might not grasp.

The Goddess of Mercy; believed to be the compassionate guardian of all living beings, with an affinity with children of all ages, and will help all who calls for her.

The Rainbow Monastery in Seattle.

Of course, no spiritual journey is complete without any nourishment to our worldly the saying goes; your body is your temple after all! So it was some fluffy American pancakes from Denny's for breakfast and a tantalising dinner at Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant in Bellevue, which was worth the 30 minutes we spent queuing for a table and utterly recommended if you happen to be in Seattle! [For more information on Facing East Restaurant, please click here:]


Fluffy pancakes for breakfast......

Dinner at Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant in Bellevue, Seattle.

Crispy yummy-ness on a plate......Facing East Restaurant, Seattle.
With both our body and souls recharged in positivity, we were ready to continue on our America trip! Taking with me some thoughts on attempting to be a better me, I felt a blessing in disguise when I received a napkin with an 'Ultimate To-Do List' on the plane! It is not everyday that you can prioritise your life in such a brilliant manner and it was definitely food for thought! What will be on your ultimate to-do list? Here's hoping you will all have an utterly fabulous weekend my lovely darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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What would be on your ultimate To-Do List in life?


  1. Wow, looks like a very insightful trip May:) I have those moments too at times, going all deep and thinking about life,lol..its all good, we gotta relect sometimes eh?;)

    The rainbow monastery looks beautiful and very peaceful to the mind.

    Yum, would love to eat that pancake and i noticed how big it is in size,lol i guess they size everything up in the states,lol

    Hope you're doing well dear!


  2. btw, loving the new header of your blog, sooo vintage style!!!:D


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