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Travel-bug Tales: A slice of Big Apple pie.....bringing my 60s inspired look to New York New York!

In my 60s Central Park's Jackie Kennedy Lake!
Following my previous posts on the recent 1960s trend and preparing to embark on my America trip, I decided to do part three by taking my 60s inspired look to New York New York!

Packed with some 60s inspiration I selected my Clarks blue ballerina flats, polka-dot mini dress, three quartered purple cardigan, mint coloured nail varnish and my Clinique blue-grey eyeliner.....I was ready to groove it in the big apple! The only thing that I lacked were bobby pins....which is why my planned beehive became a very mini-beehive instead. Though a little lacking, I was lucky to find the beautiful Jackie Kennedy Lake in Central Park......being reminded of a lovely and inspirational lady who was every bit the fashionista of the 1960s whilst in my 60s inspired outfit was definitely a plus for my two days in New York! Besides Central Park, we also managed to see Times Square, Macy's, Korean Town, Goggenheim Museum, Chinatown, Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State lots of snaps to remember the big apple with!

The Empire State Building.....

World largest department store....Macy's!

Mandu Bar in Korean town....specializing in yummy handmade dumplings!

Times Square......

My 60s inspired mini-beehive......

Central the Jackie Kennedy Lake!
Mini-Dress: Present from my friend Bee!
Cardigan: Purple three quarter sleeved cardigan from Primark
Bag: Leopard print bag from Primark (past season)
Shoes: Blue Suede Flat Ballerina Pumps from Clarks (past season)
Accessories: Earrings from Forever 21

Guggenheim Museum.......

Close up......

The Statue of Liberty and her audience.....on the ferry!

The Statue of Liberty, New York.

New York, New York!
[For more posts on 'How-To' create a 1960s inspired look, click on the 1960s label or here:

Hope you enjoyed my 60s inspired look in the big apple! Apologies for being brief on this post and for the many comments I am yet to reply to.....but I am flying off to Portugal for almost a week and have had to rush through a bit today. There shall be more posts on my America and Portugal trip when I return.......hopefully not too late to catch some sun! Have a wonderfully beautiful day and a fabulous week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Wow you were in NYC? I want to go there someday sooo bad >.<

    1. was New York New York! :)
      May xx

  2. Wow New York! I have dreamed of going there for years, it looks just as fabulous as I had imagined! The 60's style definitely suits you my dear, as you look totally stunning in your mini dress and mini beehive! I am going to be sining New York New York all day now, which I will enjoy, but I doubt my colleges will ;) xxxx

    1. Thank you my are so sweet! Glad you like the look! :) Definitely recommend New York for a little adventure...the only thing is that it was too foggy for us to go to the top of the rock or empire state building on the two days we were there. But there's always next time!
      May xx

  3. You look very beautiful, lovely 60s look! :) Oh New York, I so hope I will have a chance to go there in the future.. Looks like there's lots to see ! x

    1. Thank you Sara sweety! Yes, you should definitely go to New York for a will be fun! :)
      May x


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♥ May xx

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