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A little bit of history.....London Olympiad of sorts!

The Royal Naval College (Greenwich, London) the Thames and overlooking Canary Wharf.
Apologies my lovely darlings for this long overdue post and I trust you have all been well under the recent week of sunshine we had in London! It has been a busy week that has made me shy away from parties, dates and social occasions alike....perhaps I shall have to rejoin the bustling world very soon, but for now, a little time for thoughts and rest with a good cup of tea are blissfully adequate. Whilst I do so, I must offer you my mini report on the Olympics...since I do live in London, can claim to have a slight brush with this historical event and had the good fortune to go to one here goes!

One of the things I loved most about the London 2012 Olympics was the sighting of the Union Jack at almost every shop window and on the the many fellow Brits I passed by every day! Of course I got myself kitted out with a Union Jack body top and handbag for the occasion.....and proudly wore them to display my faithful support for Team GB! On the night of the Olympic Opening ceremony I sent my apologies to a party I was meant to attend and stayed at home curled up on the sofa with my cat BouBou to watch the event...partly because I was tired and I also wanted to spot my friend Amancay, as she was the placard bearer for Cyprus and walked with the athlete's parade! (You can follow Amancay on Twitter: And so began my excitement for the I admired the Queen's lovely pink outfit with matching fascinator in adoration, giggled senselessly to Mr Bean, embraced the creativity behind the greenery, stared in awe of the kettles forming an amazing couldron of fire and jumped in soprano pitches as I saw Amancay grin brightly on tv! Then on the following Saturday, equipped with my Union Jack top and handbag I went to join my friends in Greenwich's Royal Naval College to watch the Olympic Athletics games (on one of the big public screens set up in parks around London) and cheered for Christine Ohuguru as well as Team GB! Sat amongst absolute strangers, feeling the thundering loud cheers to the same tune and following the same highs as well as lows....was certainly a rather strange but gripping moment to remember.  We were all utterly different but somehow thrown together in one same place and united in our hopes at that one split moment in made me feel that despite the fight for glory by each country, perhaps this feeling of unity as one humankind is the truest magic of the Olympics.

All decked out to watch the Olympic Athletics from the big screen......

My beautiful Bee and her lovely Union Jack nail art! Go Team GB!

Cheering for Christine Ohuguru and Team GB with my friends.....Hamzah, Bee, Justine, Pegah and Tyler! [4.08.2012]

The following week I went to see the Olympic Basketball Semi-final between Spain and Russia with my friend Tom at the O2 Arena in North Greenwich (London)! Deciding to sport a more lady-like appearance, I donned a pencil skirt with my Union Jack top, decorated my hair with Pin-Curls as well as flowers and carried my Union Jack handbag (which seems to be hidden under my arm in all the photos) ready for another Olympic moment. Having made it through what seemed like airport security.....and yes I did get frisked whilst the security lady commented that "You really have nowhere to hide anything!", I could literally feel the exciting Olympic buzz in the air as I sat down in the arena. It was a good idea to have a video explaining the rules of the game before it started, and though the seats were quite steep without many safety railings we had a really good view of the whole game. I also found how the people who came out during the 'time-out' sessions to clean the floors suddenly breaking out in dance, a rather entertaining surprise.....perhaps a little more so than the young singer who was being interviewed by the presenters. All in all it was a good game, we had a fun day out and I was glad to be years down the line I will be able to say I remember London 2012 because I was there and witnessed some part of it.....a little piece of memory that will be part of history in the distant future. London 2012.....and I was there!  
The O2 Arena in North Greenwich (London) for the Spain vs Russia Basketball Semi-finals! [10.08.2012]

As the O2 Arena (North Greenwich) fills up for the Olympic Basketball game.....

As timeout was called they came out to mop the floor and suddenly started dancing! (Spain team on left and Russia right)

The Spain vs Russia Olympic Basketball Semi-finals score....

Spain (white) vs Russia (red) Olympic Basketball Semi-finals......

Spain vs Russia Olympic Basketball Semi-final....

As the crowd exits the O2 Arena (North Greenwich)....

Exit route....O2 Arena, North Greenwich, London.

My friend Tom taking a moment to watch the sun set.....

And the excited crowd continued on their way.....

With my friend Tom outside the O2 Arena (North Greenwich, London) after the Olympic Basketball Semi-finals! [10th August 2012]

The O2 Arena (also known as the Dome) in North Greenwich hosting the Olympic 2012 Basketball games!
As London 2012 continues with the paralympics and August draws towards an end, I will have a night of opera with friends, my American adventure and a new term of ballet lessons to look forward to in the coming autumn! Have you darlings enjoyed the Olympics? Or what have you darlings planned in embrace of the approaching autumn colours? Have a fabulous week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Hi, thanks for your comments and please try my translate gadget. @paquetevistasbi

  2. Oh what a wonderful time you had and you actually got to see a basketball game, how fabulous! I was a wonderful two weeks, I never been a massive sports fan but I found myself spending every evening watching some for of sport on the telly as it was so captivating! It also did seem like everyone in London was just a bit more friendly and cheery than usual, which was lovely lets hope it keeps up!!
    I hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend my Lovely xxxx

  3. I left London before all that craziness started but I did wish I was there to watch a game live!
    I did watch the Opening and closing ceremonies on TV.


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