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Review/LookS: The New Vintage Look charity night on 10th April 2012!

Some of the super cool and utterly sweet dolls behind the New Vintage Look!
Helloo my darlings! I have been buzzing with excitement since Tuesday, as I went to my first ever VINTAGE fashion without further ado, it's time to report back on my night at 'The New Vintage Look' charity do on the 10th April 2012!

The event aimed to raise funds for a new neonatal incubator unit at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and was held at the glamorous speakeasy styled burlesque club Proud Cabaret [Venue Link: proudcabaret], hidden right in the center of London amongst a tall jungle of concrete towers. Once you step onto the red carpet to make your way through the entrance, you suddenly feel like you have been transported back in time......where the silver screen is indeed still black and white, and the movie stars were the ultimate sex sirens of a sophisticated time of glamour. Not to mention the photographers at every corner of the entrance, giving it a very movie star feel, and making everyone feel very excited to have made a real effort in brushing up and being in their sparkly glad-rags! The decor of purple giant booths, swanky gold mirrors and extravagant chandeliers added to the glamorous feel of the night, and the friendly staff at Proud Cabaret also made the visit a pleasant one. Such attention to detail indicates that it is an event that has been thought through countless of times, and real effort has been put in to make sure it is a successful night.....more importantly it truly is a fundraiser for a worthy cause without any sarcastic philanthropy, and it is all due to a lovely lady co-organiser called Bethan Soanes from the blog *Nothing but Bettina Scarlett*

But the highlight of my evening has to be hanging out with a group of fabulously sweet dolls, who I was so in awe of.....that it almost felt like meeting Vintage Nobility....and of course witnessing my first ever Vintage fashion show! Being a short noticed Tuesday evening, as I only found out about the event the week before, I quickly worked on spreading news of the event but somehow did not track down a companion to go with. As mindless as this may sound.....I really did not realise the fact that I was about to turn up to a new event all by myself until I stepped in to a large room with lots of white tables and purple booths.....apologies for my mindlessness my darlings but welcome to the world of May! So the next thing I did was purely down to luck! I just walked up to a purple booth with some lovely looking ladies and asked them if it was possible for me to join them. Little did I know that I just happened to join one of the coolest bunch of girls at the event....they were none other than Shona the designer of Heyday [], Gemma the hair and make up artist from Vanity Box [], Shona the blogger from *New adventures in Vintage* and Kessie the designer from Lady K Loves []!
Shona from Heyday, Gemma from Vanity Box, Shona from New Adventures In Vintage & Kessie from Lady K Loves!
They are such a fabulous bunch and were ever so sweet! I had so much fun chatting to them and learned so much from them at the same time. When the Vintage fashion show began, I was mesmerized.......seeing the 1940s and 1950s reproduction pieces from labels such as Bernie Dexter, Lady K Loves, Playful Promises, Miss Fortune, Outerlimitz, Heyday, Miss Candy Floss and Vintage Suits by Mary roll down the catwalk I suddenly had the feeling I was sucked into a movie set of the rocking 50s! But if there were any request I could make, for hopefully the next fabulous New Vintage Look event, it would be for the models to take a longer walk around the room as well as the catwalk or maybe an announcement of the labels that owned the respective pieces as they emerged. This would be helpful to newbies or Vintage fashion show virgins like me, but at the same time it may help the fabulous brands or labels to form a mental note in the future buyers' mind. The auction was also good with bids starting at affordable prices on some great Vintage finds, but perhaps a small leaflet listing the items to be auctions might minimise confusion and help raise the sale prices for auctioned items in the next New Vintage Look event. Of course both performers, the beautiful host as well as singer Miss Coco du Bois and the ravishing burlesque princess Miss Tempest Rose were brilliant! So for all these wonderful reasons....the New Vintage Look charity event definitely gets a big recommendation for a fun Vintage night out in the name of a great good deed, and a sweet 4 ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 lovely hearts from me!
Beautiful singer and host Miss Coco du Bois!

Yay!!! Hanging out with the super cool and utterly sweet dolls!

The ravishing Miss Tempest Rose in burlesque action!

UK band Knocksville...they can really rock the double bass!
Verity and Gemma from Vanity Box 

The New Vintage Look Charity Fashion Show at Proud Cabaret (10th April 2012) by Mr Dave Parsons!
(You might want to keep your eyes glued to the screen for a very brief moment.....of a very geeky May in the video!)
I am sure from the video you can see that there were just so so many lovely frocks and I could barely stop making mental 'Ooooh' or 'Aaahhhs', that I really did feel like a girls in the candy shop! I look forward to the next New Vintage Look event and meeting these absolutely wonderful girls again.....hopefully soon! And of course I cannot possibly leave you without telling you which favourite Vintage pieces made me swoon with glee as I saw them on the here goes the Vintage candy list! [You can find out more about the garments or the Vintage reproduction labels by clicking on the link below each photo]

1940s Mary Dress in Green from Heyday

She's Not So Dumb dress in Gold by Lady K Loves

Kathleen Rose striped stretch dress by Candyfloss

Pink/White Polka Dot Playsuit by Vintage Suits by Mary

My 1940s inspired Pin Up Girl look!
The last photo is of course not a fancy Vintage model and a hastily taken snap which is not of the best quality, but just little me and my 1940s inspired Pin up Girl look......finally equipped with some less than perfect pin curl and victory rolls! Stay tuned for a future 'How-To' if you would like to find out how I did my imperfect but fun 1940s inspired hairdo! Also as my trip to Vienna and the month of May is drawing near, there will be Vintage inspired looks and themed party as well as travel focused posts still to come! Have a sweetly fabulous weekend my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Such a super sweet blog! You were so brave to come by your self and just join a table, glad you had a lovely time!
    LKL x

  2. Hi May,

    I remember seeing you on Tuesday and thought your hair really was swish! To echo Lady K above, you were really very brave to go on your tod. I took my non- retro friend with me but she enjoyed herself, liked the event and now I have a dance companion to start learning with so it was a great night on multiple levels!
    I look forward to seeing you out and about at future events, I may well go to places alone too so please feel free to come and say 'Hey'!! ;o))


  3. omg May!!! You look soooo pretty and sexy here!!!!!!!!!!=D I loveee your dress!!!!

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the event and i salute you for attending the event by yourself and meeting such gorgeous ladies!!! and what a great cause the event aimed at:) I can already imagine the venue being really glam with the purple booths and gold mirrors and chandeliers!!!! I just saw the video and spotted you, you are sooo cute!!! hehe

    So you're off to Vienna soon? Lucky thing! Hope you have a wicked time!!!

    By the way, i have finally revealed the last 2 gifts that i will be giving away so feel free to pop by and check out what they are=D

    Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend May!!!


  4. great pics! seems like you and your friends had a good time ;D those vintage dresses are adorable <33

  5. those dresses are gorgeous! love your dress too. you look stunning! :)


  6. Wow what a wonderful event and Gosh yes you are really very brave going alone, but how wonderful you found some wonderful companions to spend the evening with!:) You look stunning as always love the hair! xx


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