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How-To: My 1940s inspired Pin Up Girl Hairdo...part 1!

As promised my is a quick first part "How-To" on my 1940s inspired Pin Up Girl hairdo......let's start with the Pin Curls!

Pin curls are brilliant for setting that lovely full bodied curls and volume, even for stubbornly straight long hair like mine! I actually find Pin Curls to be more effective than heated curling tongs, which are more damaging to your hair and curls tends to fall out of shape quicker. You will need lots of bobby pins, some curling spray or setting lotion and a comb.....of course 'time' as it will need to be set the night before! So here's How-To do the Pin Curls:
1. Comb and smooth out your hair, then wet your hair and apply curling spray.
Starting from your hair-line section your fringe to form your first Pin Curl.
2. From the mid-length, form a curl around your finger and loop the bottom half of your hair around your finger. Then holding tightly on to this curl, remove your finger and continue rolling the curl upwards or towards your head.
3. Once your curl is fully formed, pin it with a few bobby pins. Then work your way down and around your head by forming your first row of Pin Curls.
4. Continue with the second row of Pin Curls and apply more curling spray if necessary to ensure hair is damp. All hair should be up in Pin Curls by you are ready to sleep on it!

1. Create Pin Curls, working out from your hair-line.....first row of pin curls done!

2. When second row of Pin Curls is done.....all hair should be pinned up!

3. Full Pin Curls for cold set view!

Full set Pin Curls.....back view....

Close up from top.....of a full set of pin curls!
Hopefully the instructions made sense and the photos helped to show how it was done. Apologies for the lacking photos as I have had to take them myself whilst doing my hair, so it wasn't the easiest method! Now this week shall be quite exciting as I am off to Vienna to visit my lovely friend Judita and shall be back in London by Sunday 22nd April 2012! Next week, I will be going to see a ballet performance to celebrate my friend Therese's birthday and a menwear photoshoot to's all very exciting! Have a fabulous week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Wonderful tutorial! I never realised just how long your hair is, its amazing! It must be quite a skill getting all your hair in to pin curls!

  2. Totally brilliant with the many ways u created with ur long hair. URE VERY GOOD AT WAT YOU DO!

  3. Awesome hair! Thanks for the tutorial and for stopping by my blog too!

  4. Wonderful results! You are really beautiful ♥


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♥ May xx

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