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Shop~MyVintageWardrobe: The 80s Colour-Nostalgic Courtesan....

There has been quite a bit of debate between the two terms 'Vintage' and 'Retro' for some time, and it is not really one argument I wish to join. (You can find a definition of both terms here: wikipedia.org_Retro) Personally, I think it is really a matter of individual preferences and labeling....I believe in a style of a period, as I often pick particular details to mix and match in creating a look that suits and feel like the sort of, sometimes I imagine that if I did live in that certain decade this is what I would like to choose to wear and enjoy kind of way. Though I do use the term Vintage more often than Retro, I seriously have nothing against the term Retro, and at times I even see Retro to be just the twin of Vintage with a different name. This may not make sense in the logical mind, which clearly understands the definition of the two terms, and I shall risk sounding a bit crazy here......if I had to distinguish between the two terms, then it will be according to the images in my head of Vintage being a style period between 1920s to 1950s, whilst Retro being a style period between 1960s to 1980s. Perhaps it is because the Vintage trend began in the 1970s when people started collecting clothing from bygone decades such as the 30s and wearing second hand clothing, or maybe I have been influenced by the modernity of the post-advertising era and Austin Power's groovy-ness, that I have reached my distorted definition of the two terms. I do apologize if you darlings have been appalled in any way by my terrible definition, but I do think style has to say something about who you are and should naturally be a thing of individual creativity or preference....hence the personal definition.

The 80s...big shoulder pads!

 *What I was wearing?
Jumper: Oversized Jumper by Bonnie Boerer & Company (dated 1987) [Vintage]
Earrings: Art deco inspired green and gold studs [Vintage]
Accessory: Pearl and beaded oversized hairclip [Vintage]
Shoes: Biscuit Tin Booties by Clarks
Make-up: Quickliner for Eyes (Intense Midnight), Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula (Dark Chocolate) and High Impact SPF15 (Red-y to wear) lipstick by Clinique

So in true personal definition I built this '1980s Colour-Nostalgic Courtesan' look through a colourfully textured 1987 Bonnie Boerer & Company (label) oversized jumper, a big eyeliner flick, red lipstick and beehive hairdo that somehow became more Eastern after the addition of a big pearl beaded hairclip! Equipped with wonderful 80s features such as chunky shoulder pads (which differs from the 30s petite shoulder pads), oversized loose cut jumper for matching with leggings (or tights), slightly puffed at the hem as well as cuffs and strikingly bold coloured cartoon-like picture, it is one of the lovelier finds from my vintage fair excursions. What I like most is that this 80s jumper actually paints a picture capturing the essence of the decade.....ladies dressed in big wide-brim hats that matched their shoes, big polka-dot prints and great display of gold chunky bling.

But perhaps you may be wondering how the 'Courtesan' fits into the 80s picture? Courtesans have existed in history for a very long time in many different cultures or under different names, and unfortunately the sexual stigma of prostitution has also stuck to them. Many choose to see them as lower female forms who are not welcomed into mainstream society, but many also forget to see how many courtesans were trained in classical dance, poetry and music, devoted entirely to their art and talent alone, and some did not actually sell their bodies for money. I am not a courtesan of course and neither am I immensely talented or an artist in any way, but when I completed this look there was just something that made me think of the Eastern courtesan.......or perhaps I have been reading far too many Geisha novels!

The 1980s Colour Clash!

Textures and colours........I love the navy polka-dot detail with matching hat and shoes on the lady!

The 80s detail.....colourful cartoon prints with different textured materials!

I can never resist laughter!
In a less controversial turn, it has been an interesting week with my end of term ballet performance last weekend and a concert from my favourite Asian band Mayday (Wu Yue Tian) in London Wembley a few days ago.....there shall be more on that in the coming posts as well as a few more vintage looks! Also as April draws near, it is time to start thinking of a vintage theme for my birthday do......last year being the 1940s Pin-up girl look! Have a fabulously sunny spring day wherever you may be my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. i love the looks of this :) thanks for stepping by; i am happy to find your blog too :) now following you :):) plami

  2. Wow, very cool look you got going there May!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the jumper and vintage indeed,lol...i love the mix of vibrant colors and graphics on it;)

    And how did u do that beehive hair do!!?!?! That is pure maddness!!! i thought that was impossible to do unless you had your personal hair stylist?lol....and i love that hair accessory. For some reason, it kinda reminds of those olden days Chinese women we see in that Chinese series where, not sure if you know what i mean? They always have these gorgeous and shiney hair pins or some sort of jewelry in their hair.

    Hope your end of term ballet performance went well and that you enjoyed the concert. Im not exactly sure who they are, are they from Taiwan or something?

    By the way in celebration for my blog's 3 years anniversary, I would like to invite you to enter my very ever first gift giveaway. You will get a chance to win 3 amazing chic gifts so feel free to drop by for further details:D

    Happy weekend May dear:D


  3. very bold print, love it :)

    Georgi at 7wonders

    I'd love if you could visit me :)


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