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Pink thoughts and a pink dress.....then add Kitts and some ideas in the working!

Since thinking about what to wear for Brest Cancer Awareness Day, my mind has been filled with pinks of all sorts! So last week when we went to Kitts (Chelsea, London) for a bit, I decided to start something pink and wore a baby pink dress! Kitts is by no means a big club and it was slow when we arrived early at 11pm, but the music was commercially fun and we ended up staying much longer than we intended. The decor always reminds me of a crossbreed between a dark rustic gallery and someone's funky living room, whilst the staff were friendly and looked as though they loved going to work every day. Even though there were quite a few accidents creating wet splodges on the already cramped dance floor, we still managed to evade the many almighty attacking elbows around us and danced through the night!

Anyway the conclusion was that it gave me a chance to pink audit my wardrobe and it sparked a few new ideas. So on the 28th October 2011, I shall be wearing a brightly and deeply PINK long maxi number with tights as well as a cardigan.....dashing around one of London's airports and then later in Edinburgh Airport.....probably looking very out of place but all in the name of the Breast Cancer Awareness 'Wear It Pink' day! So there will probably be more photos in the following being very pink at an airport, my dear friend Sophia's wedding in Edinburgh, and just possibly...the makings of a vintage short film!
So please feel free to share.....what will you be wearing on the 28th October 2011?

Until the next time,
May xx


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Until the next time,
♥ May xx

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