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When London was burning.........the shock and sadness of August 2011 after a busy return.

I have always loved London like no other city in the world. There is a mystifying charm about London's mixture of historical brick and modern glass giants that makes me stop to take in her beauty whenever I am at the zebra crossing, or on a double decker bus or even a set of red lights. I admire the complex personalities, the varied conveniences and the strength of British spirit. A country that bravely kept calm and carried on with their lives the very next day......even after the World Wars and the terrorist bombings. A country equipped with freedoms, abundance and determination. Also a country where human rights are truly an entitlement and enshrined in the legal framework.....not still an ideology, as in many other countries. Most of all, a country that believes in education and has worked hard over the many decades to make an immaculately shinny name for British Education globally.

How can these riots happen? This was my first reaction which was followed by utter shock as I watched the hundreds of dark shadows rushing across the TV in to malice and damaging London without even a moment of hesitation. Without respect for liberty and without empathy for those of us who love London as our home......all went up in flames, and the goods worth man's measly dignity were looted from shops. Some claimed to be acting out in the name of poverty, and others claim it was for the one who was previously shot. But no matter what the reason, can such crimes of malice be justified? Where did their sense of compassion and where did their inner moral rulers go? This was the other shocking thoughts that disturbed and held me speechless this chilling August.
My silence in the realisation of what horrors had taken place... livelihoods ruined, prosperity frozen, lives physically harmed and lost shadows soon to be imprisoned. The sadness of Londoners watching their pride and joy diminish in the flames. This is not the London we know. The aftermath is a crisis of humanity, liberty and education. What should we be doing next to save the lost and not let malice be repeated?

Until the next time,
May xxx


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