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A walk with the travel bug......remembering Bella Sardinia!

If you ever stumble on to my blog, you will discover that I absolutely adore travelling, fashion and fabulous parties! To me travelling is more than just a holiday in a foreign country; it is the feel of the place, the warmth of the people and the vibrancy of the culture that makes it a beautiful and memorable experience. And if I had to choose my most memorable holiday experience to date, then it would be the magical Italian island of Sardinia in 2008.

Our adventure began after we landed in Alghero, as my mountain man and I rented a car and drove straight down the west coast crossing town after town, stopping at a different beach every day and a new bed and breakfast every night. Along the way we dined in different restaurants and had wine with the locals in different pizzerias. But driving past the ancient mines of Montevicchio and into the iron rich deep red stream of Riu Irvi, the highlight of our visit to Sardinia came in the form of the magnificent golden sand dunes of  Piscinas, which is also famously known as the ‘Desert of Europe’. At a point where the bewitchingly red Riu Irvi cut the great sand dunes to flow across the beach and towards the crystal blue sea, I bent down to touch the iron water and this photograph was taken. Unprepared for the utter wilderness, I was dressed in a Topshop strapless short white dress with yellow flowers and a white bow tied to the back, with a black bikini underneath, long gold butterfly earrings and Clarks pink flip flops with flowers. It is a photograph that reminds me of the amazingly raw beauty of Sardinia and the magical fairytale feeling we experienced there, but it is also a framed moment of the warm hospitality we received from the great wild nature as well as the lovely people of Sardinia.

As I cannot forget how we continued driving from the west to the east coast to reach Dorgali, where we stopped at a little bed and breakfast called Dommo Noa that was not special in terms of d├ęcor or amenities. In fact I remembered being surprised by the religious pictures on the walls of every room and the noisy clanking from the renovation works, but the charm that warmed our hearts was definitely the kind Susana Patteri and her mother Mama Maria. Without a word of English, old Mama Maria managed to make us feel like part of the family with her warm smile, endearing laughter, sweet homemade bread, jam and cookies for breakfast in the morning. How could we not love Sardinia?

Until the next time,
May xx


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