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Where for art thou Shoederrella?

Comfortable Shoes - Top Brands & Where to Buy Comfortable Shoes

Finding a pair of beautiful, stylish and comfortable pair of heels is almost as hard as a Prince Charming in need trying to discover his true love Shoederrella! There are several questions to consider it possible to have high heels without the pain, or can style and comfort really go as one, or even where can one find one's perfect fit?

I was shoe shopping with mountain man last weekend....though it was actually for him, I just could not resist trying on some shoes when we were in Clarks. As mountain man walked up and down the aisle trying several pair of shoes that he liked, each pair felt different eventhough they were the same size. So we got the assistant to measure mountain man's feet for size and he came up a size 10H. But he has been wearing size 9 in a slimmer pointy fit, so which one is the right measurement?

The assistant seemed puzzled by mountain man's question when I suddenly remembered something I had learnt whilst working for Clarks all those years ago! So out of the blue and in a rather serious voice I recited something along the lines have always been designed with 'styling room' of about 5cm, which is not actually extra room for your feet to fill and purely for design, but it makes each design fit differently to your feet.

As a girl I have always loved shoes and have been on the look out for the perfect pair for many I must say I am yet to find the perfect fit. Now this brings me to the question whether I have actually conditioned myself into selecting shoes that cling to my feet in a slim size 5D all these years, because I think smaller looks nicer and need to feel I fit in a certain category, when I should really be looking to 5 1/2 or 6? Perhaps my belief in stretching out the leather to create a bit more room in the shoes, and wearing them whilst enduring the aches or blisters to break into the shoes are totally wrong. Instead, what I should be doing is looking for 5 1/2 that have the right style, height and cushioning to suit my feet!

Simple as it may sound, many like me may have made the same mistake in shoes as well as relationships. Just a few years ago, I hung on to a five year relationship believing I can change someone to fit in my idealised mold and kept waiting for change that was never to happen. I would not say it was a waste of time, because that period of waiting for change woke me up to the precious truth......that I needed the right fitting person in the first place and relationships are not about creating the perfect dream. Just as no one single human being is perfect, no matter how much you may try to chase perfection, the same may be true for feet and shoes......or other halves and relationships. It is good to be ambitious, but reality and workability is simply necessary for the equation to make sense and add up.

So with my wee bit of research online, some limited experience of working in a shoe shop such as Clarks and my undying love for shoes, here's some ideas that may be helpful in finding shoes that are suitable for your feet! It's no miracle, but it might be a good starting point for a new journey of here goes:
1. Rock it like a Diva!
Choose heels that will allow a rocking motion when you are wearing them....these are often shoes where the front toe box part does not lie flat on the ground, but the toe bit curves up to look slightly like a boat edge.
2. Toebox is the toolbox!
The shape and size of the toebox is important, as a rounded shaped toebox will tend to allow your toes more freedom and less stress than a pointy shaped toebox. Also look for height in the toebox, so that the rim does not press down or apply pressure to the top of your toes.
3. Cushion for your toesies!
Where high heels are concerned, the cushioning in the toebox can be the deal the connecting joint between the toes and the foot is likely to endure the most stress from all that stomping around on stilts you have to do, so make sure it it well padded with a cushioney feel and won't allow every pebble to feel like a sharp needle under your foot.
4. Finally....sense and sensibility Shoederrella!
Style, design, height and beauty are ultimately very important for a pair of lovely shoes, but support is just as important. Just like how you would go for a special fitting consultation for a good pair of running shoes, it might be good to run some tests of your own when choosing those all important high heeled shoes. Consider the way you walk, the shape of your feet, and the type of surface or the length of time you will be wearing the shoes. And finally ask the question; are they the right shoes for your feet?
May all the Shoederrellas around the globe be able to find the right fit, enjoy the journey of life and live happily ever after! Have a very happy shoe week everyone!


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