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Part 2.......Becoming Emotionally Fit and 21 Ways to Stay In Love Forever!

Being human with emotions brings good as well as bad to life, but it means that most of us have an innate need to feel appreciated, wanted and important to the other people around us. Interestingly enough, this desire also fuels how we behave or why we do the things we do, and how we choose to see things or how we develop a certain mind set. This is why we need to be emotionally fit, but in many ways it is also why relationships can play such an important role in a person's life.

Here's the next 7 of Brian Tracey's 21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever.......have a read and see what you think:
8. Seek first to understand!
Focus your energy to understand the other person's point of view first before offering your own perspective. When you ask questions and practice reflective listening, you will develop understanding as well as trust. Offering solutions may not actually be the solution, as people often have a deep desire to be heard and better understood.
9. Set reasonable standards!
Do not set unreasonable standards on your other half and expect them to be perfect. You fall in love with the positive qualities of your partner and as you are not perfect either, it is important to gently ask for what you want and discuss how it makes you feel.
10. Build self-esteem on every occasion!
Do and say things that make the other person feel important as often as you can, as every person need reassurance and our actions are fueled by a natural need to either protect or build our own self-esteem or feeling of importance. When you become the primary source of self-esteem for your partner, you also become the primary source of love, acceptability and desire as well. Unconditional positive acceptance will lead to feelings of security and importance, so saying Thank You as often as you can or praising the other person as often as you can is a way to show how much you appreciate your turn your partner will do the same for you too!
11. Never go to bed angry!
Just as you would clear and wash the dishes before you go to bed, do the same by clearing things up immediately after an argument rather than going to bed unhappy or angry. Ask yourself this key question; "What is most important?"
12. Visualise the other person as ideal!
Always think of your partner as the most ideal or very best person he or she can be, it will have a positive influence on your partner's action and state of mind. Choose to see all the positives that you fell in love with and imagine your partner in that way. Treat your partner as the absolute perfect partner, as it will be the key to changing your own less than ideal views.
13. Treat your partner like an intelligent and important client!
You will want to behave your best as your partner becomes the most important person in your world!
14. Remember when you were courting!
Remember and relive moments when you use to laugh together and feel in love! Your relationship is like a fine wine, as the older it becomes, the more valuable it becomes. Remind yourself of the fine qualities of your partner and your relationship in order to grow those qualities further.

Simple as it may seem it is all too easy for miscommunication to happen, or for the question of 'Do you love me?' to become something other that just love......and it can all be just because of an invisible force or desire to feel secure, loved, needed, appreciated and valued by people who mean the most to you. This invisible but powerful driving force is discussed in the fuller 23mins version of the Tony Robbins seminar on Emotional Fitness and Relationships, with a step by step guide on how to achieve Emotional Leadership. I hope it will help you just as it has been helping me come to terms with some of my own invisible emotional forces:
So smile and say 'I Love You' to the one who is most important to you today!


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