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Finally.....a happily ever after ending!!

I can be rather patriotic at times and yesterday was such an occasion. Watching the run up to the Royal Wedding, I felt rather proud of Britain and the monarchy. I was impressed by how well the wedding had been organised, the thousands who flew from across the globe just to camp outside Buckingham Palace and how well British fashion design was showcased at Westminster Abbey....but most of all I was impressed by the poise, spirit and elegance held by the Royal family. A similar feeling to when I was learning about Britain's fight in the second world war, or when the bombings of London happened on the 7th of July just a few years is almost like a sense of glowing pride in knowing that we Brits have the courage and determination to carry on no matter what had happened. Now don't get me was a beautiful Royal Wedding filled with bliss, elegance and hope for the future. It was more the touching realisation that Prince William and, now, Princess Kate, had been together for a long 8 years......even experiencing a very public break up a few years ago! Prince William's decision not to wear a wedding ring may be a whole different debate for a different article.....but when a relationship survives for almost close to a decade and is celebrated with a wedding where the groom is still whispering into the ear of the bride and making her smile throughout the ceremony, then there must be some hope for us mere mortals!

I am most definitely not advocating that marriage is the ultimate aim or essential in any way......for truth be told, I am one of those who are unsure of the value of marriage. I think the dress, the cake, the fluffiness and the party is all good fun, but marriage is something very different and perhaps should be classified under the mythology section! Staying in a relationship and staying in love is already hard enough, let alone not being bored or tired of someone after 8 years! Also there is Victoria and David Beckham.....another chic example that in some lucky cases long term staring at one another in a confined space can actually work!
So for all you lovelies who are either, with a naughty boy like mine, or looking for Mr. Perfect to share your time with........I hope the last 7 of Brian Tracey's 21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever will bring you the tools to discover and grow happiness in your life:
15. Forgive early and often!
Be mature enough to get over your grudges and forgive your partner for your own sake! Don't remain angry for something that cannot be undone or changed, but try to forgive and let go. Express your feelings to the other person but work towards peace. Free the other person and liberate yourself!
16. Apologize for your mistakes!
Have the courage to admit that you are wrong and say I'm Sorry! Then forgive and move on by saying....."I could be wrong, I often am" to close the case.
17. Offer to help!
Apparently it is something practiced by many couples to show love and relieve your partner's burden and feel better about yourself too. Ask for help if you feel overloaded and make sure your partner does so too.
18. Learn about your partner's interest!
What makes him or her tick? Find out what your partner likes to talk about with his or her friends and become a student of the subject in order to ask intelligent questions and share interests!
19. Accept complete responsibility!
A person of great character will be responsible enough to proactively take charge of situations, work towards a goal and does not blame others or make excuses when things go wrong. Be powerful and confident in knowing you are truly responsible and accept the consequence of your actions.
20. Take time to be together!
It is essential to create minimum blocks of 30 to 90 minutes time regularly to focus and talk to each other honestly. Make it an important part of your schedule that cannot be compromised by anything else!
21. Develop shared goals!
A couple that has shared goals will move together in the same direction towards the same vision, and so will stay together. Produce a dream list together as a couple, by considering these questions; What would you want to do more or less together? How will you achieve it? Where do you want to be together? Have a shared vision for the future together!
Here's to loving yourself and your partner............happiness in a fulfilling relationship........respect and appreciation for what you have..............and hope for an even better future! Have a happy Saturday everyone!


  1. I also noticed how he whispered to her to make her smile and I thought that it was very cute and attentive of him because she must have been nervous as hell!
    I enjoyed your post. I like your honest and candid way of looking at marriage. I must agree with you. Marriage or long-term relationships are hard - my longest 7 years. The best advice I have ever heard is from Kevin Bacon who was been married for more than 20 years. He says that you have to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty. :) I couldn't agre more because in the end this is what it comes down to.
    - Marie

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment and brilliant bit of advise from Kevin Bacon, Marie! I am honoured by your visit! I must say I love your blog and I really enjoy your posts......especially the ones on vintage fashion! :)
    Long-term relationships are indeed tough cookies to chew through, and it is one of the things that have struck a chord in my life. My longest relationship has only been 5 years, but to see friends coming out of long relationships, some as long as 9 years, and to feel my current relationship reach 3 years of age has really made me think.
    I really appreciate your honest thoughts and I look forward to connecting with you again!
    May x

  3. It was a wonderfull event :)
    I saw some parts Live on Youtube. But then I had to go to work >.<


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