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Emotional Leadership.......21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever?

Love is one of those great concepts that can really affect the way a person lives his or her life. It can sell almost any product, because the magic comes from the fact that love can be felt by anyone....however long, brief, wanted or unwanted. Then there is also that highly romantic and infectious belief.....that human relationships is what brings a person happiness and meaning in life. It often is something us mere humans try to search or strive to what is the key ingredients or secret to keeping this magical feeling? Is it possible to be sweetly in love forever?

Recently I was listened to Brian Tracy's "21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever", and I must admit it made me think about my own relationships and what I can to do make it better. So I thought I would share some of the never know what could come in useful! See what you think, here's some of my notes on the first 7 of the 21 ideas:

1. Make a total commitment!
It means a 100% total commitment where there is no option of leaving the person and you will work through it no matter what.
2. Communicate openly and honestly!
Practice telling the other person how you feel or think frequently. Dealing with issues honestly and openly or clearing up the issue immediately. Don't expect your partner to read your mind and do tell them your expectations, but focus on it a good time to tell him.....if you do this it makes me feel that.....etc.
3. Ask for what you want!
If you are in the right relationship, your partner will want to make you happy. So asking for what you want in a clear and positive way is important, as you are responsible for your own relationship.
4. Accept differences in each other!
You are unique as a person and so is your partner. You are attracted to each other because of your differences, so do not try to change the other person or criticize them negatively which creates inferiority. Instead use, 'Why don't you.....'
5. Expect the best!
Always assume the best of intentions in every situation before judging, feeling angry or responding negatively. The more positive you are, the more likely your relationship will grow positively. When you say; 'I believe in you', it gives the other person strength to grow because of you.
6. Encourage your partner positively!
Express your confidence in your partner frequently. Look for the good in every problem and help your partner through the challenge positively. Be the primary source of encouragement in your partner's life.
7. Be a good listener!
Listen attentively to your partner and make them feel valued. Learn to pause to pay careful attention to your partner and ask questions to understand how your partner feels.

These 7 ideas sound simple and clear.....but can you do it in every single relationship you have? Can these ideas benefit you or the other person in any way? Personally I believe that these can be useful guidelines for any relationship.....albeit with your loved one, partner, friend, colleague, children or acquaintances. Because the underlying theory is better and effective communication within a relationship. Also I agree with Tony Robbin's theory of 'Emotional Leadership' only when you want to be emotionally responsible, can you then become 'Emotionally Fit', choose to change the way you feel, see and respond emotionally. Have a peek at this 'Breakthrough Relationship' video and see if you agree!


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