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Our natural detox system!

Now I am no expert on the matter but I can share what has worked for me and what I have here goes!

Ever wondered why you have reoccurring dark eye circles or puffiness? Or ever felt really heated around the throat area, as though you can feel a gush of hot air rising and have bad breath too? This could be caused by your natural detox system being interrupted!

According to a Chinese doctor I spoke to, our bodies have a natural body clock that carries out its own detox system and all you need to do is to drink more water and sleep at the right time!! Apparently the body clock shuts down for relaxation and rest at 11pm, then individual organs will take turns going into a natural cleaning or detox process whilst you sleep. Which is why it is advisable to sleep by 11pm and drink a glass of warm water first thing after you wake up in the morning to clear away the toxic stuff your body has been working on over the night.

I am perhaps not the healthiest person but I do try to avoid getting dark eye circles if I can. So with the help of my Clinique All About Eyes cream hero that has made the area silky soft and reduced a lot of the purple shadow I had before, I tried both sleeping late after 11pm, getting 8hours and drinking water in the morning as well as sleeping around 11pm, with 8hours and drinking a glass of water in the morning. I did notice that on days that I slept by 11pm, the sleep quality I received seemed better, my eye area did look less puffy and almost perfectly shadow free in comparison. So try it to see if it works for you!!


  1. Really interesting post, I always suffer with dark circles so I'll definitely give this a

  2. Thanks for the comment Victoria. Hope it will help you get rid of dark circles! :)
    Also if you are having a late night ie. past 11.30pm, you can try avoiding fried foods before bed and the next day.
    May xx


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