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My product heroes for 2010.....

What really saved me in 2010?

There were quite a few things actually! From my Polar heart rate monitor that helped me identify an unusually high heart rate and subsequent hyperthyroidism, to the skin heroes from Clinique and Soap and Glory! And much so that I need to write about them!

Its been quite a year, but let's start with my transition from Olay to Clinique. After reaching another ten in terms of age, I decided that my skin needed a boost and tried a sample of the 'All About Eyes' cream. So began the Clinique journey with two little rice dots of All About Eyes for each eye and my gentle fourth finger technique that requires patting and never dragging the skin. Within TWO days I noticed the change from purplish circles into a soft, firm, shadow free and silky eye area......need I say more? I must say the three step programme has done just as well for my combination skin and I am happy with the improvement in skin clarity, but I have adapted a few things in the three step to make it better for me. Because investing in products is just for that reason, making things work better for you as an individual!

In the summer I found that the three step of cleansing, toning and moisturising using type two to be great for my skin, but as autumn approached I began to feel small dry patches forming. Although my skin was still soft, firm and clear, I knew it needed more moisture without the stickiness of other products I have tried in the past. So I adapted to type 1 cleanser, type 2 toner and Dramatically Different for night, and Moisture Surge for day......still sticking with the amazing All About Eyes of course and it has worked nicely! Perhaps it has something to do with my habit of using only cold water, rather than warm water to wash my face, or my love of drinking just water, but actually almost everyone that I have recommended Clinique to has fallen in love with it after trying it!

Now we come to Soap and Glory, which became an upgrade for my old Dove and Nivea products.....and I'm glad I did! The Soap and Glory 'Clean On Me' creamy bodywash is absolutely lovely with moisturising creaminess and a non-obtrusive but attractive flowery scent, that creates the after spa feeling right after every shower. Then there is the amazing 'Righteous Body Butter' which is absolutely delicious in smell and having a moisturising as well as skin plumping effect is simply a great plus! Being as Righteous as it claims to be, it actually saved me when I got sunburnt for the first time in my life in Langkawi. The soothing aftersun Nivea balm with lotus extract left my skin still sore and dry from the effects of sun damage, but my Righteous Butter was not about to have any of it!! And only after one application I felt the soothing "aaahhhh" relief from my skin and witnessed my skin's swift journey to recovery. Also unlike other body butters, the Righteous butter is sweet and not sticky even in a climate of great heat and humidity or for sensitive skin like mine.

Also 'Tangle Teezer' has proven to be an amazing little tool for someone like me, as with hair down to my waist it can take a good 20minutes to finely comb out any tangles, but since having this simple bit of plastic I have managed in 5minutes! For some reason my hair seems to feel smoother and shinier too. Finally my Polar Heart Rate monitor has been amazing for hiking as well as training, with its capacity to record fitness levels, efficiency of training, calories burnt, your physical training limits......and most importantly it alerted me to health problems I did not know I had!

So all these things, and they are really just things, have made a difference to my health and well being......and my life. This has certainly been a change of perspective for me, as ten years ago I had refused to use anything fancy and insisted that tweezing eye brows or moisturising was a waste of time. But time showed me that I had to change my approach, work harder in certain areas of my life and take care of myself more. Perhaps I will change again in another ten years, but for now.....this is it!


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