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My product heroes for 2010.....

What really saved me in 2010?

There were quite a few things actually! From my Polar heart rate monitor that helped me identify an unusually high heart rate and subsequent hyperthyroidism, to the skin heroes from Clinique and Soap and Glory! And much so that I need to write about them!
Its been quite a year, but let's start with my transition from Olay to Clinique. After reaching another ten in terms of age, I decided that my skin needed a boost and tried a sample of the 'All About Eyes' cream. So began the Clinique journey with two little rice dots of All About Eyes for each eye and my gentle fourth finger technique that requires patting and never dragging the skin. Within TWO days I noticed the change from purplish circles into a soft, firm, shadow free and silky eye area......need I say more? I must say the three step programme has done just as well for my combination skin and I am happy with the improvement in skin clarity, but I have adapted a few things i…